Sleek – GTK3 Themes last update date: It is here if anyone want a rounded window manager theme that matches very good. All opinions but the buttons are perfect size in the Yosemite and thunar lines up and looks perfect as well as whisker. Like what you read? Mac OSX Yosemite like theme. Business is his until said otherwise I am guessing.


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Here is what it looks like with default OS X Maveric wallpaper. For example, the top panel on Ubuntu desktops will have a similar silver finish as it does in Mac OS X.


Please log in again. Petworth May 28 9 excellent. I believe in freedom to do and say what you want but that doesn’t mean I get in someone else’s business. In order to use the Zukimac theme, you need two things: Thats it zuklmac than that it is the one I am waiting on.

How to Install Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme) For Ubuntu

Qogir-ubuntu – GTK3 Themes last update date: Let us know in the comments! And take the blue highlights off the window buttons on the panel. I love nearly all your themes and I do know that it is hard to satisfy us xfce users because of the xfwm4 themes that have to be made especially for us and I appreciate all the work you put in. Then, download the Zukimac theme. Seal20 Apr 09 After logging in you can close it and return to this page.


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Can you fix that? Sadly, nor is there any good one available — the only one available is quite old, and zuoimac Mac4Lin project has long been dead.

Only problem with your older Yosemite theme is well it hasn’t been updated in a minute and the panel buttons are messed up like so many other themes I zukimqc across these days and NO it doesn’t look the same to set a solid color on the panel. And the theme owners don’t owe you anything, please be thankful.

Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac With Zukimac Theme – It’s FOSS

This great look is on zukimax windows and panels. IDRH Sep 22 9 excellent. If there is no. Zukimac gives some a basic look and feel of Mac OS.

Jocix Sep 03 OLucasZanella Jun 05 On Ubuntu, you can install it using the command: Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer You are here: The majority distros and users use Gnome. I am Arch Xfce with latest everything. Please keep in mind that almost no one uses XFCE these days zukimacc absolute minority.


Like what you read? The buttons are locked onto the left side also for this window manger but you can unlock them in the thmerc.

In addition, there are plenty of beautiful icon themes in Ubuntu It can easily be downloaded and installed with the zukimaf tools. How can you retrace the issue: It is here if anyone want a rounded window manager theme that matches very good.