You probably need to change its conversion options before you get what you need. When using classic ASP, the parameters passed in via, for example, the Querystring, are typically processed as follows:. Having our basic XSL Stylesheet, the first step could well be to incorporate any client scripts, be it JavaScript or another scripting language. This happens only once, which is when the first user requests a page. Not strictly applying the HTML rules this includes not using double quotes for attributes, and improperly nested tags. So, changing the ASP code wrappers allow for an errorless import into those editors. Note that you have to name the file extension to.

xselerator 2.5

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An XSL stylesheet specifies the presentation of a class of XML documents by describing how an instance of the class is transformed into an XML document that uses the formatting vocabulary. So, using this approach, the next step xseleartor be incorporating a basic template, which gives us control over the transformation.

COM components, for example, do not always lead to better performance, but if you know what type of component you have, what it exactly does, and at what level it could be used the most effective way, you can xsekerator better performance even under high page demand. It also implements XLink.

xselerator 2.5

In this scenario, SQL is being used. Note that this list isn’t complete, and in some cases multiple solutions could apply.

xselerator 2.5

In addition, performance testing will be part of the redesign process to eliminate early rising issues. XSelerator has helped me a lot in doing this type of transformation in steps – including viewing the output in View the xzelerator as HTML mode when you press F9. XSL is intended for complex formatting where the content of the document might be displayed in multiple places; for example the text of a heading might also appear in a dynamically generated table of contents.



Another one is ” Msxml2. In this case, only two small queries in Stored Procedure format were executed. You can see the content of this default stylesheet by copying and pasting the following URL into the address bar of IE:. This requires some knowledge about how they work in an application, but is also not as complicated as you may think.

It uses an example virtual directory that accesses the Northwind database, which comes with 25. Server It is freely available for download. Though it is possible to use a COM component within the XSL Stylesheet to let it extract data in XML fragment format, it is not portable, and therefore I have chosen not to use it – at least, not in this case. This approach is not recommended, however, because of obvious reasons – mostly because it is inefficient.

Having our basic XSL Stylesheet, the first step could well be to incorporate any client scripts, be it JavaScript or another scripting language. Therefore, this article will do just that. Here, we see various XSLT elements. Miloslav Nic has provided code samples demonstrating basic and advanced concepts in his online resource. During the redesign process, the performance of the application can be boosted significantly when you know where to use the appropriate technology tricks.

Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)

Both are available online. It will be very useful when we start to extract parts to be incorporated into the new XSL Stylesheet, which we are going to create in just a moment.

The resulting XML of the Template when xeelerator, is as follows shown partially – note that the complete example is included in the download material as the database is not made available:.


Then, with this template, we’ll gradually insert parts of our raw source document, and test the result using our ASP processing page. This happens only once, which is xzelerator the first user requests a page.

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Xselerator for Windows.

2.55 Essentially it means that the work of developers and designers is likely to become easier as a change in presentation does not affect the data part when such changes do not require data changes. Well, there is one simple reason: Therefore, this article by Pieter Seigers will do just that.

See the mailing lists pages on w3. Although in the past you could encapsulate code in components, applets, create functions, and even use script components, you did not have the ability to really separate data and design.

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In XSL, the formatting object tree can be radically different from the source tree, and inheritance of formatting properties is on the formatting object tree. Next, to be able to take control over processing the nodes within the root element, and not having the XSL Processor do that unintentionally, we need to xselerafor at least one more template, which will contain the layout of our final HTML page.

Both are candidates to be used at Application Level.