Technical Support For service in Asia, please contact your Welch Allyn representative at address below or your local distributor. Choose one of the following options. Supported Interface Keys When this selection is enabled and function codes are contained within the scanned data, the scanner transmits the function code to the terminal. Page Dimensions Height Page 56 Manual Trigger: See the Symbology Chart on page 4—5 for the single character code that identifies each symbology. This also sets the transmission rate to 36 scans per second and the polarity to white high.

welch allyn it3800 manual

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Before using this procedure, determine which scanner will be the source the scanner containing the desired software. Page Keyboard Wedge Decoded output data format provided at 10 pin RJ41 modular connector in scanner handle. Using Visual Menu, it38000 can even set up the configuration for a scanner which is not attached to your PC.

Welch Allyn Medical Diagnostic Equipment IMAGETEAM 3800 User Manual

Scan Speed Standby Scanning Manhal the Add Prefix or Add Suffix symbol pg. Data Formatter When Data Formatter is turned off, the bar code data is output to the host as read including prefixes and suffixes. This transmits the PDF data in smaller blocks to prevent buffer overflow.

welch allyn it3800 manual

You may wish to set the same value for minimum and it380 length to force the scanner to read fixed length bar code data. For example, you can use the Data Format Editor to insert characters at certain points in bar code data as it is scanned. Interfunction Delay This is a delay of up to milliseconds in multiples of 5 placed between the transmission of each segment of the message string.


A set of defaults for the data format is already programmed in the scanner. When prompted, enter the user name: Page 23 Baud Rate sends the data from the scanner to the terminal at the specified rate.

Scan Rate Adjusting the scan rate changes the current draw when scanning. Secondary Interface By switching interface cables, the IT scanner can communicate with a portable data terminal secondary interfacein addition to the host terminal primary aklyn.

welch allyn it3800 manual

Page This selection allows you to turn on transmission of a Code I. The secondary interface can be programmed at any time.

This action first clears all current suffixes, then programs a carriage return welvh for all symbologies. Choose one of the following options. Print page 1 Print document pages.

Bar code data follows the wake up pulse after a 0.

Serial wedge | Welch Allyn IMAGETEAM User Manual | Page 14 /

Don’t have an account? Each delay is composed of a 5 millisecond step. The IT is manul to hold, easy to use, rugged, and excellent for all general scanning applications.

welch allyn it3800 manual

After you scan one of the codes, power cycle the host terminal to have the interface in effect The most common interface is Keyboard Wedge. Visual Menu Operations Visual Menu provides the ability to configure a scanning device by connecting the scanner welcj the com port of a PC.



Code 39 Append Code 39, continued Code 39 Append This function allows the scanner to append the data from several Code 39 bar codes together before transmitting them to the host computer.

This action first clears all current mznual, then programs a Code I. Click on the Support button, then click on the Software Download button. Page 29 The Polarity can be sent as standard with black bars high, or reversed with white bars high. The following Symbology selections are for use with the PDF—12 scanner only. Hand Held Linear Imager. This helps reduce the chances of a misread. If you are clearing the primary format, scan 0. When the trigger is pulled, the scanner wakes up and operates at reduced power until there is no triggering for the time set with the Low Power Time Out bar code.

Page 27 In Wand Emulation mode, the scanner decodes the bar code then sends data in the same format as a wand scanner. Interface cables are terminated with a 10 pin modular plug P1 and a 9 pin Type D squeeze to release connector P2 that is compatible with all Welch Allyn Data Collection, Inc.