Dock for ships, gadi. Kersten, and of that collected by the Bev. The native pipe consists of a hoiol bora , a stem digali leading from the howl into a smaU vessel of water, which hist is properly the kiko ; the stem from the Mko to the mouth is the shilamu. A cap bloeJs, faroma. Sleeping mat made like a hag with one side open, fumba. Video Playlists View all. Ditch, haudaki, shimo, pi.

wanga macha wanga mp3

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Hindrance, kiznizo, kiznio, klzuizi. Leisure private timeferaglia, makini. Bell and Sons, of which those previously printed at Zanzibar form a small part, and besides these a number of small pamphlets, including translations of the Books of Buth and Jonah, and some slight specimens m;3 the Gindo, Zaramo, and Ngazidja languages. Spirit made from palm-wine, zarambo.

Market, soko, pt, masoko. Breast, kifjua, kldari, mtima. District of a toum, mta, pi. Crutch for oars, kilete, pi, vilete. Leaf of door, ubau, pL mbao.


Wanga macha – Tamil Song: Скачать mp3 файл в хорошем качестве =

Enclosure, uanja, na, pi, nyua. Coming down or out from, mshuko.

wanga macha wanga mp3

The shifting of the accent above- referred to takes place in obedience to the universal rule in Swahili, that the main accent of the word is always put upon the last syllable but one, a. Heel, kifundo or kisigino cba mguu. Pwnpkin, boga, pi, maboga.

wanga macha wanga mp3

John Eebmann’s Swahili version of St. A crooked thing, kikombo. Bleek as one of the Zangian genus of the middle branch of the Bantu languages. Advice, shauri, pi, mashuurL Adze, sboka la maca, eezo. Mourning griefmsiba. To experience full features of the site please disable it for www. Offspring, mzao, pL wazao. The shell, kifuo, pi, vifuu, ki- fufu M. Mti, a tree ; miti, trees. Ghost, kivuli, pH vivulL Ghoul, zimwi, pi mazimwi Wangw, masua, mbasua, kizu- nguzungu.

Cake of mtama meal, mkate wn mofu.


wanga macha wanga mp3

Hill, kilima, pi, vilima. Kiungiga for Maneno ya Kin- ngujathe dialect of Zanzibar Unguja.

Macha Macha

Platter of vjoody cbano, pL yyana Pleasure, auasa, furaha. AntJiill, kisugulu, pL visugulu. Bipe nut, nazL A nut which has grown fuU of a white spongy substance without any hollow or milk, joya, pi.

Button loop, Mtanzi, pi. This Email ID is already registered. Hedge, ua, pi, nyua. Resend OTP in 15 seconds. The singular powers and antipathies of the letter n- very much affect the distinctness of this class of nouns.

Reign, ezi, enzi Rein, kigwe, pi. Mistress kept womankinyumba.