Clicking on the button generates the About window that displays the version of the Client. Last name will appear in red in the activity monitor if you have logged on without having selected any of the contact types. After having clicked the Accept button, the agent can still decide that the mail should be deleted for whatever reason by clicking the Delete button. Moreover, the first check globe migt be yellow at a certain stage. The identifier of the application sending the custom message, possible values are: Sending a command to the Voxtron Client can be done in three ways. Only one Access level and Contact type condition can be assigned per tab definition.

voxtron client

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Missing resources This tab will only be shown if the contact in the waiting monitor is highlighted in yellow.

coient This action allows the agent to add some additional information in the Remarks edit field that will be appended to the private message history. The mail item will remain in that state until one of two things happen:. In case, however, the agent seems to have taken a wrong decision e.

Voxtron Client .NET & COM SDK

Refer to page VI If the agent clicks the Send button, the user can send an outbound mail. A tree view of text blocks will be shown as they have been defined in the Web Center. This email will be sent with the same ID as the original message, so that when there is a reply to the message, the original mail message will be popped up.

voxtron client

To allow recording-on-demand, there are 3 buttons, only the relevant ones will be shown to the agent: In most cases the Handled, Deleted and Spam states are final, requiring no further actions. When the call result is not successful the agent has accepted the call and the call has been effectuatedthe agent will go in wrap-up and will not have the possibility to blacklist the number or select contact codes. When pushing in the pin buttonthe waiting monitor stays open even when the main client window is minimized or closed to the system tray.


The To and Subject field are automatically filled in, so the agent only has to enter text. It is neither possible to reschedule the call, since the automatic scheduling rules will apply in this case. You will have this button if the Allow forward to external checkbox in ERM91 Administration Mailboxestab page Email actions has been selected, and if the corresponding check box in CC91 Users, Permissions has been selected. If the agent clicks the Requeue button, the mail will be routed again obviously to another agent.

Type This column shows the type of contact for that particular agent telephony call, e-mail, fax, object or chat.

The contact tab page of an incoming call may contain an ear icon. Below you can find a Coient docked or undocked by clicking the pin icon client:.

voxtron client

The actions an agent executes are added to the list of actions for that mail that is displayed at the bottom right of the Email tab page.

This column shows the type of contact for that particular agent telephony call, e-mail, fax, object or chat. To register the assembly execute the following command: Even though the call was connected, it is still possible that the agent is connected to a voicemail or a fax machine, or some other telephone event might occur that makes that even though the call was successfully connected, the contact itself should not be considered as OK but should be retried.

Your Voxtron Client has been configured as such in the Web Center i. The agent is automatically put out of pause when the keyboard or mouse is touched again.


voxtron client

Managing the statistic reports and generating the reports. If a chat comes in, the agent has the opportunity to either accept or requeue the chat by clicking the appropriate button. The mail item will remain in that state until one of two things happen:.

The Accept voxtronn will be replaced by a Handled button.

Voxtron Client – Windows and monitors

By right-clicking on the agent in the Activity monitor window, the voxtroj leader or administrator can listen in on the conversation of that particular agent.

You must be logged in to post flient comment. Whether the public message history will be seen in the text field to be sent, depends on the settings defined in ERM Administration MailboxesEmail actions tab page, Insert complete thread in reply. Email interaction page showing the actual mail and all its contents Action buttons There is also a timer progress bar in the tab header of the contact that determines the maximum time the agent has to respond through one the four possible actions Accept, Forward to agent, Requeue and Delete.

Whether or not the agent can provide a number is also a configuration option. Although the menu has been removed from the mini client, it can be shown by pressing the Alt key.

The Forward action can be combined with any other action, but always requires a final action added the Action listsuch as Handled, Forward to agent, Requeue or Delete to be added to the action list.