Switch Cover Installation Use cables which meet the following specifications. The peripheral drive duty must satisfy the following: There is a danger that there will be a large incoming current when turning the printer back on after turning it off. Peripheral Unit Drive Circuit Peripheral unit drive circuit connector only connects to peripheral units such as cash drawers, etc. Ensure that any soiling has been com- pletely wiped off before attaching the rub- ber feet. Unpacking After unpacking the unit, check that all the necessary accessories are included in the package.

tsp100 manual

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Note that this printer does not come with a modular plug or wire, so it is up to you to obtain one that suits your needs.

Use a power supply for the printer that meets the following requirements. Attaching the Holder Plate 1 Attach the holding plate to the printer. Reliability 1 Life Mechanical: Ensure that any soiling has been com- pletely wiped off before attaching the rub- ber feet.


tsp100 manual

By installing the switch cover, the following become possible. Parts Identification and Nomenclature Do not connect it to a telephone.

Loading The Roll Paper Attach them if necessary. When changing the settings, use the following procedure. For U model printers, the DIP switch settings do not need to be performed.


Then, connect the USB interface cable to the printer. Choosing a place for the printer Installing The Printer Software Note: Attaching The Rubber Feet Print page 1 Print document 42 pages. Specifications Direct line thermal printing Max. The version number and printer settings are printed.

Star Micronics TSP143U 39461540 User Manual

Preventing Paper Jams The paper should not be touched during ejection and before it is cut. Unpacking And Installation 1.

tsp100 manual

Roll paper 1 Push the cover open lever, and open the Cover open lever 2 While observing tsp1100 direction of the roll, — Parts Identification and Nomenclature Printer cover Open this cover to load or replace paper. Test printing is performed.


Preventing And Clearing Paper Jams 7. Function name Frame ground Table Of Contents 1. Manuxl a place for the printer Before actually unpacking the printer, you should take a few minutes to think about where you plan to use it.

tsp100 manual

Auto Cutter Specifications 1 Cutting frequency 2 Thickness of paper Enter text from picture: Parts Identification And Nomenclature 2. Control Panel And Other Functions 6. The following describes how to install the ferrite core and make the actual connection. Preventing and Clearing Paper Jams