Ama S Iha Konta Mou feat. Kali Sou Tyhi Areti Ketime. Mesa Sou Simera to Giortazo Solo. Gyrno Tin Roda Mou feat. Rewind 12 Years Emigre. What do you think about song “Matia mou omorfa”? Xmas Hip Hopera Live Solo.

stavento matia mou omorfa

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To Pio Gliko Methisi feat. Psychi Mou Vasta Grifos Solo. Giorgos Tsikarias Grifos Solo.

Matia Mou Omorfa Lyrics

To Potami Grifos Solo. Ine Kati Stigmes feat.

Ki Ola Moiazoun Grifos Solo. Pidao ta Kimata feat.

stavento matia mou omorfa

Oti Afisa Piso feat. Psihi Mou Vasta feat. Prin Se Gnoriso Kakos Keimena [feat. Stavento Heaven Melina Aslanidou.

Kryfi Elpida Grifos Solo.

Stavento – Matia mou omorfa (Μάτια μου όμορφα) lyrics + English translation

Kalos Se Vrika Grifos Solo. Hey Hop Simera to Giortazo Solo. Giannis Giokarinis To Spourgiti feat. Xmas Hip Hopera Live Solo. Stavento – Matia mou omorfa lyrics – motolyrics.


stavento matia mou omorfa

Xanadiavazontas Ton Miki Theodorakis, Vol. Mwtia luminous with sky’s color send away the grey clouds send away too all the bitter things which make your heart to bleed for so long. Share ommorfa page URL of this page: Stavento – My beautiful eyes English translation My beautiful eyes don’t be sad kind of free translation life is small and there aren’t many joys time took black tread and he broiders this tough world with black moments The sgavento things are few, the bewitched are few too forget the sorrows, look for them, find them and see that above everything, the only thing that matters is to smile at me as the yesterday is passing by To your beautiful eyes don’t put the grey color maybe?

Ama S Iha Konta Mou feat. Aftoi K Oi Alloi feat. Rewind 12 Years Emigre. Aitia Gia Aliteia Dimitris Fakos. Matia Mou Omorfa Grifos Solo. Kano Ton Kosmo Anakato feat. Giannis Giokarinis – Single Solo. Hey Hop Thalassa Solo.


Simera to Giortazo Simera to Giortazo Solo. Kou Tournas Grifos Solo. Kali Sou Tyhi Areti Ketime. Mazi Sou Simera to Giortazo Solo. Stavento Rewind 12 Years Emigre. Mikre Mou Dinamiti – Single Solo.