Let’s walk through some examples. You have seen how to create a very simple web script using files created in a text editor or directly in the Alfresco Share user interface. Fork me on GitHub. This keeps your web scripts from colliding with other people’s web scripts or Alfresco’s. The mapping of URL to controller is done through an XML descriptor which is responsible for declaring the URL pattern, whether the script requires a transaction or not, and the authentication requirements for the script. Gets the average rating for a given whitepaper by passing in the whitepaper’s noderef. At some point, you’ll want to deploy to an actual Alfresco installation.


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Displaying the ratings data for a specific node. The descriptor and response templates are very similar to the whitepaper example so I won’t include them spring-websctipts-application-test.

Let’s write a web script that returns all whitepapers. Most people working with Alfresco use IntelliJ, Eclipse or something similar.

Think of a web script as a chunk of code that is mapped to a human-readable URL.

Spring Web Scripts – Test Application – About

The descriptor will cause Alfresco to invoke the web script as if it were being run by “admin”, regardless of who calls it, and it will run within a transaction. The response formats are mapped to FreeMarker templates through naming convention.



You can use it to see everything Spring-webscripta-application-test knows about your script and any other scripts it knows about. Select option by entering 2.

Alfresco 5 and Spring tutorial

The widget leverages the prototype JavaScript library. Third, notice that this web script consists only of a descriptor and a FreeMarker template. Alternatively, you can use the “alfresco: Let’s walk through some examples.


Debug logging verbosity is controlled by log4j. This is the recommended way to distribute your Alfresco customizations.

Alfresco comes packed with method permissions settings, let list few of the options that you will probably use. There are a few elements in this descriptor you didn’t see in the Hello World example. You are going to learn how to do this now. So the proper way to define a URL with multiple arguments is:.

The next step is to write the Java controller. Now let’s create a web script that can create ratings. Whitepapers with the sc: The model is a data structure passed between the controller and the view.


Create a file called ” whitepapers. You have seen how to create a very simple web script using files spring-webscripts-spplication-test in a text editor or directly in the Alfresco Share user interface. Lets observe the code and see before method that prepares the data for other tests. You’re going to start with a very simple “Hello World” web script.


Now our knight will have a weapon in his hand and a fighting chance. This tutorial will use JavaScript for most of the controller logic but you’ll see how to use Java as well. In this case it is the deleteRatings function that already exists in the rating.

Introduction to the Web Script Framework | ECM Architect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials

The script bails if the node doesn’t have the rateable aspect because there wouldn’t be any ratings. Only holy knight should be able to execute this method spring-webscriphs-application-test we would not like anyone else who is not noble to do this, right?

The disadvantage is that some changes may require a server restart. The link should look similar to:. The function simply retrieves the scr: