I agree to the Terms of Service. Has anybody at Sling headquarters thought to test the latest version with iOS6? Hardware warranty and technical support is only provided in the country where the slingbox purchase is made, and only if the purchase was from an authorized reseller. I use a Slingbox Solo. Incapable of AirPlay of any sort.

slingplayer for ipad 2.3.8 ipa

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Keep up the good work and take a bow. If it does, you’ll have to wait until the next update comes out to use Apple Configurator 2 to get the IPA file. Great app which puts ipx in my living room back in the UK when I’m away.

ZIP Slingplayer For Ipad Ipa –

I have a house in France and enjoy watching UK television there. I connected the iPad to my hd tv and switched between hd quality and the Slingbox feed and there is an obvious difference but certainly watchable. Come on guys, the iPad version should be able to play the SD output from the Classic.

Looking forward to using it when on holiday. But if you happen to update your apps using iTunes, you may be able to download the app. Would award zero stars if it was possible and would like my money back.


slingplayer for ipad 2.3.8 ipa

This is rubbish and needs sorting out!!! I have given this a three star rating only for this fact, otherwise it would have been a 5 star rating.

– How to revert to an older version of SlingPlayer

Don,t know why there are so negative vibes about this set up. On holiday sitting by the pool watching Ashes and then the Premiership, excellent piece of kit. Shame that it is not compatible with the iPhone like most other apps written for both devices!

This version is horrendous does not work properly is not fully compatible with any version of iOS. So, enough of the hardware, this is an app review A bit of patience to get sling box running, whereas this App was easy.

I have an iPad, so installed the app. I bought the Slingbox Solo and installed it at home, which was fairly simple ipsd straight-forward. Come on, Sling, it’s not exactly a recent release, is it?

Though not HQ -has to be SQ. Works every time without problem.

slingplayer for ipad 2.3.8 ipa

Really confusing for the customer – they need to make it a lot clearer to avoid wasting your money! Instead, you get this error message: But it was worth it! Doesn’t work away from home on 3G or Wifi. It’s squeezing it to 4: Never seems to work when abroad. Note to the developers – if you are only going to support the latest hardware then change the logo and call it slingbox player HD otherwise you are conning your customers into buying something incompatible with your products.


slingplayer for ipad 2.3.8 ipa

Above all though the picture quality is excellent and it works pretty seamlessly. I have been waiting for this app since I first got my iPad and it is a vast improvement on the iPhone version, however the quality is still not brilliant. Anyone doing anything about it?

Slingplayer for ipad 2.3.8 ipa

This is really not good enough for an expensive app, and it needs to be updated urgently – a pity, because the Slingbox hardware is slingplayyer. Think the cost of the iPad down load is a little high though! Sling box are usually on the ball with updates etc.

I’m not sure why previous users have had problems.