Jun 15, Posts: Thanks sdmod and Wendi for the tips and which will taken into consideration. Oct 28, Posts: One installation package for all supported Operating Systems. Supports Windows 10 Creators Update.

shadow defender

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Jul 27, Posts: Add a command line tool. Can’t recognize licenses in lower case.

Shadow Defender – the easiest PC/laptop security and privacy protection tool

DundertakerJun 3, Use RAM as write cache. Fix a bug related to AutoPlay.

shadow defender

I don’t know you get this Maybe a complete uninstall and re-install might clear it. Jun 10, Posts: A memory leak when coping a large file into an excluded folder. CruiseJun 1, A bug occures when cutting a folder from an excluded folder to a normal folder.

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So I want to know if I use Shadow Defender and I will use the all sector virtualization sefender all the new options in Shadow Defender when those options are avalible in future versions Should I just install steam and stuff like that mostly video games on a external Hard disk? Cannot enter shadow mode automatically conflict with some antivirus softwares.


shadow defender

This site uses cookies to help personalise, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Land of the Mer Lion. I’m leaning toward the idea of snadow protection of the disk inc MBR, floating bar and every other entry point of which we have no knowledge.

Program group can be customized in installation. ItayJul 11, I am taking these questions into consideration because when i get my new windows 8 Laptop I am gonna install Shadow Defender right when it boots up.

Isn’t it just about time for an updated next shadow defender release? Thanks sdmod and Wendi for the tips and which will taken into consideration. USB related issues in Windows 8.

For example, if the bar is in the top center of the screen and I move it to the right lower corner and reboot, it appears in this position when I enter shadow mode devender.

shadow defender

Some minor bugs and changes. The version of SD is the Giveaway version and so detender uninstall and reinstall is not possible.


Say the hard disk is in shadow mode but removable drives are not.

The unofficial Shadow Defender Support Thread.

Can’t recover from hibernation. Oct 17, Posts: That way i can be fully vertualized?

CyberManJun 1, The ShadowDdefender 2, A hole is a hole is a hole. Is Shadow Defender okay for my drives? I take it that you are using the 64 bit version?