The study of rap revealed to us specific aspects of musical production. The production of CDs increased, in this case, as an extension of the activities of the companies that promoted the bailes blacks. An electric wave appeared to be passing through dancers. The residents live with the duality of prejudice and the affirmation of a local identity. The other question is that the spectacle of the gangs stole attention from the spectacle of the shows at the bailes Andrade

sarau bambaataa

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The conflicts were particularly sharp with storekeepers who called the police, alleging that breakdancing was harmful to business, attracted people considered dangerous – pickpockets, people who lived in the streets, for example – although even at the so-called bambwataa black s, the group found difficulties. Many writers and poets even maintain dual affiliation.

sarau bambaataa

Rap became the dominant artistic bambxataa. This is when each dancer shows their best, spinning on the top of their heads, their backs, doing back flips and much more. The category black music includes Brazilian artists who recognize themselves in the Afro-American musical traditions.

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The hip hop movement was interpreted in this context as a positive reaction of black and Caribbean youth to the actions of the bzmbaataa. A sarau can be defined as a community space that brings together local artists each week. The idea of belonging to the community and to the posse is present in the songs and in the notes to the CDs.


He thought it was really heavy. At first, one group moved to the Clube do Rap, under the sponsorship of Chic Show. According to Rose the strategy consisted in countering violence with art. Between the years and breakdancing became popular and won over other social segments.

De James Brown ao ‘Rap das armas’, veja a linha do tempo do funk carioca

It was in this universe that the basic elements of the movement were structured. The youth responsible for the organization of a new phenomenon provoked bewildered reactions, because they presented new visual symbols and uncommon sounds. The words Mano Brown repeated at many shows are a good example: Through its presentation in films, such as Flash Dance, and music videos produced by Michael Jackson, the genre invaded middle saau health clubs, the recording market and radio and television programs.

Integrated by rappers, breakers and sadau artists, these entities become essential to artistic learning. In the words of Fernandinho, the organizer of the sarau, he is simply one more survivor to frequent the space.

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Current reality is now distant from the ideal first proposed by the posses, which were organized, according to Roseas a type of alternative family, because in them the youths found support and solidarity. In the mids, the leisure and musical productions of youth began to become the object of field research in the social sciences.

Youth who wanted to undertake the other elements of hip hop, but sara rap, or who had difficulty in insertion, sought, at the end of the s, new alternatives.

Bbambaataa also allowed for improvisation in the context of the streets, but there are few rappers who have command of this art. Panic reigns in the Zona Sul. It was a universe peculiar to the young people who worked as office-boys or who were members of a break gang. In parallel to the demobilization of the Roosevelt inposses located in the peripheral regions came to revitalize the hip hop movement.


The encounters are weekly. It was a time when it began to be characterized that a rapper could not appear to be content at a show. O cotidiano dos moradores da periferia e o que pensam do poder e dos poderosos. We reflect on data obtained in two studies.

By the end of the decade, a significant group of young writers identified with literatura marginalas they entitled it.

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Most of them took advantage of break dancing to channel their artistic expression. In this case, the musical foundation was improvised with the beat box 14 or on subway-station garbage cans, a practice that became symbolic of a generation.

sarau bambaataa

The study of rap was part of my doctoral work, concluded in And little by little it began to have a favorable repercussion, until invitations to shows, parties, dance academies and other proposals began flowing in. I won’t betray who I was, and who I am.