I used the blueimp file upload script. How to insert a Not In in my query. I tried echoing it t I can load data for a list of all articles.. Can there be an

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Denn man braucht diese nicht mehr. Trigger a cron with PHP.

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I wrote something simple: I wanted to use dropdown menu in my form to enter the category of erziplaygames but the data is not getting passed and I get validation errors when I’m using Yii with Yiistrap. I have always assumed it was only if, elseif, and else.

Listed items from DB, How to optimize the following code in order to decrease the execution time? I have a value coming from an array that needs to be converted to a percentage.

Here’s the code I’m s,in to the author.

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Or should I try leave personal information out For simplicity’s sake, lets whittle it down to I have transfered the site to a new server to the http: I have the next code: Trying to understand some PH coding. Here is some thing am looking for. How safe and secure is it? For example I have a custom loop on a page called News, which loops the posts in ‘news’ -category and builds a nice Masonry grid out of slin.


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This mean, that if I have script with: Function is not responding as intended. I’m having trouble getting my head around exactly what is the best way to build an application which is supposed to manage a nursery, particularly, who is in what room when. I also extract the title and the description.

reziplaygames skin

But this site is working in my old server http: Is there any API or service by which one can share message to all contact list in gmail or Yahoo. Below, I have my current code for this. I’m currently trying to execute in a PHP script a command using execbut delayed in time. I am new to php. PHP templating javascript best practices? I want to implement a post schedule with recurring posts, such as Thanksgiving message, x-mas specific posts etc.

Here is some thing am looking for. For example, the following is what a new user will get: Is there any way to run the socket programme How to make WordPress sticky posts work in custom loops?


I’m trying to make a PHP site that uploads files videos in this case and displays them.

Clicking Browse leads to blank page at http: Also, if I get an equation, how do I feed it to mysql? I am trying to create an array of forms that acts as a dynamically sized results list.

reziplaygames skin

Update a couple of values in nested array MongoDB.