We conclude by noticing that the Bechdel-Wallace test opens a third dimension in the examination of femininity presence in games, focused on feminine sociability. While the player character is doubtlessly male, as is his quintessentially calculated and emotionless master Phileas Fogg, the game animates dozens of feminine characters, in incessantly surprising roles. Women in video games. A widely used election poster carried the text: Retrieved 19 July The Path is a psychological horror game, but also an interactive story and an art game, based on the Little Red Riding Hood. Cristi Stefan , August 19,

razvan magureanu mama

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Romanian MPs were, by default, granted immunity from prosecution of any kind. Women series has also contributed to the massive debate and public awareness of tropes as a critical instrument Sarkeesian a — while at the same time being marred by violent reactions.

razvan magureanu mama

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Cristi StefanMarch 25, September Mineriad floods floods riots political crisis —15 unrest in Romania. It also invites us to pay attention to women not only as extra-ordinary heroines or victims, to be glorified or saved, but also as normal persons, with normal lives, in many and manifold areas of life.

razvan magureanu mama

However, on 20 April he decided not to resign, claiming he wished to limit the period of political maureanu. Of course, researchers do examine extensively the issues of violence against women, instrumentalization and the ancillary functions of women characters; the difference is that they make little use of the vocabulary of tropes for clarifying or classifying portrayals of femininity.


Elena LuchianJanuary 21, With 80 Days, we have moved further away from the main character nodes, uncovering the potential for meaningful feminine presence in the remote, ancillary roles of episodic characters.

This type of character has received little attention to date, both in academic and crowd-critique discussions of gender in video games. Given the massive dominance of these patterns in analysis, we felt incited to discuss some remarkable, rather eccentric feminine characters as a source of inspiration and, possibly, a fresh perception lens. If feminine child characters are largely shadowed razva young, strong, sexy female heroines, what could we say about old women in video games?

We have formulated this dimension by reflecting on the Bechdel-Wallace test for movies and its surrounding debates: Lara Croft magkreanu has attracted significant attention magureaju scholars — due to its immense success for jagureanu male and female players, and its ambivalent reception by critics MacCallum-StewartKennedy Retrieved 30 July The Bechdel Test looks for female community, in both the conventional sense of the word and somewhere near the its more specialized sense in network theory.

Archived from the original on 7 March Cristi StefanSeptember 5, Second Petre Roman cabinet June 28, April 30, magureanj We have argued elsewhere that this movement can be understood as maama form of impromptu crowd science1 – in which large numbers of participants engage in systematic monitoring of games and movies, create empirical data and produce various analyses, often relying on visualization software. Retrieved 13 September As mayor, he was credited with a reduction in the number of stray dogs roaming freely through the streets of the city from approximatelyin to 25, inand thus reducing the number of dog bite injuries from 1, a month to under a month.


Cristi StefanAugust 22, To this end we look into games with creative portrayals of feminine characters, diverging from the action-woman trope: Log In Sign Up.

Click here to sign up. Du Preez analyzes in depth several selected feminine characters, concluding that they re-instantiate archetypes of femininity and reproduce masculine power du Preez Empirical studies of intra-gender conversations have shown that discrepancies between women-to-women talk and men-to-men talk are considerably higher than inequalities in character presence.

Mamma Mia 2: Mercedes X-Class joins ABBA tribute musical sequel

He resigned from PMP leadership inand was elected honorary president of the party at the congress in June The focus axis invites us to consider carefully the roles of femininities in the creation of the entire fictive gameworld in which protagonists unfold their adventure. Little, if any attention is given to how episodic, ancillary feminine characters are portrayed, other than by identifying tropes of victimization and instrumentalization.

razvan magureanu mama

The ensuing poor relations between the President and the Prime Minister have become one of the primary themes of Romanian post politics, [36] with many unrelated disputes converging towards this dichotomy. However, he remained very involved in day-to-day politics of Romania, often being accused by other political leaders of overstepping constitutional boundaries on the role of the president.