GAIN The gain, or sensitivity, of the display adjusts background noise by varying echo strength for display. If you are not sure which item is appropriate for your unit, you should first contact the Technical Support Department to verify your requirements: Common Problems Problem Correction Unit does not function 1. The fish which is close to the surface has a larger arch because, being closer, more sound waves get returned to the fishfinder. Information on setting up the sounder is provided in Chapter 6. Please have the Raymarine item or part number ready when calling if placing an order. It is very important that you complete the owner information and return the card to the factory in order to receive full warranty benefits.

raymarine ds500x manual

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This can damage the transducer wires. Getting Started 39 The shape of the arch is also affected by the speed of the boat.

Hand tighten the studs into the holes provided at the rear of the unit. If you wish to practice using the unit before installation, connect the power cable and use the simulator mode as described in Chapter 3.

The power cable supplied is 5 ft 1.

Raymarine Dsx Color Fishfinder |

Menu Operation 41 Chapter 4: Use water-based antifouling paint only. Sonar Tips Revised Remove the cover by depressing the latch near the paddlewheel. Loosen the knobs and remove the mounting bracket from the unit. Mount unit where it is well ventilated and free from gasoline fumes. If the power connections are accidentally reversed mxnual system will not work.


Maintenance and Problem Solving Mark this mounting hole.

Check the system fuse. Always report any EMC-related problem to your nearest Raymarine dealer. SPLIT means the display is split vertically, with the zoom image in the left hand window and the scrolling bottom display in the right hand window.

raymarine ds500x manual

The following table displays the available NMEA sentences and their meanings. The VRM function is available on the scrolling sonar display and zoom windows, if your transducer is equipped with a paddlewheel for measuring speed and distance.

raymarine ds500x manual

It is very important that you complete the owner dd500x and return the card to the factory in order to receive full warranty benefits.

Gain Mode is comprised of seven sub-menus.

Product specifications | Raymarine Ds500x Color Fishfinder

The digital sounder provides controls to reduce the background noise and to adjust the way in which echoes of different strengths are displayed. Check raymarind selected location for the unit. Scroll Speed This menu item enables you to start and stop the bottom graph display from moving across the screen. Adjustments require janual service procedures and tools only available to qualified service technicians there are no user serviceable parts or adjustments and the operator should not attempt to service the equipment.


RAYMARINE DS500X Digital Fishfinder with Transom Transducer

Three colors are available for the sonar display background — black, white and blue. Key Help When Help is set to ON, icons appear next to the digital depth display, prompting you to make the appropriate key presses. Our Technical Support Specialists are available to answer questions about installing, operating and trouble-shooting all Raymarine products.

Be sure the nuts are in the slots in the back of the bracket before applying the shim see Figure If you are unsure about using the shim, do one of the following: Alarm Clock Chapter 6: We use such information to improve our quality standards.

Check that the gain is not set too high. In the event that repairs can not be obtained conveniently, product service may also be obtained by returning the unit to: This option helps eliminate identifying a false bottom.