Your email address will not be published. The map and properties you unlocked in GTA V? This path you provided is not clear to me. Simply paste it between two other games and close the file. I ran this process on 5 games and each of them still said “you are using another user save”

ps3 save resigner 2.0

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I take that back, 4 failed but one did not. Copy the entire output; all four lines.

ps3 save resigner 2.0

Listen i am using a 64 bit computer and it is not working properly. Log in or Sign up. I cant extract the AldosTools from the zip. I did everything and it didn’t work. To go back to the complete mode, right click the icon in the System tray. Sun Apr 28, 8: Download links not working though. Update to my previous post. Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the A new profile with your name should appear in the top portion of the screen.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. When I try to load the save, I got a corrupted file message. So glad I found this site.


Were you able to find an alternate link for the aldostool link? Here’s every way to back up your PS3 saves to a local drive or the cloud.

ps3 save resigner 2.0

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Every time i get to the hightail web page it says i need to login to download. Ok – two things that were not made clear in the article which was otherwise very well written. Have to find it elsewhere. Are there other programs that can change the saved file’s original account user ID?

You won’t be sxve to get your own saves back, but at least you don’t have to play everything again in order to access the end-game content. Do you already have an account? Will they automatically show up or how does that work?? I tried doing this because i lost my save of dead space 2 but when i try to load it it just wont appaer.

How To Import Other People’s Save Games On Your PS3

Ok, I followed the steps successfully and the save works as in the PS3 2.00 it and loads ithowever when I try to load the save the game freezes immediately after. It doesn’t work at all. Check if the region code corresponds to the copy you have at home. I understand I won’t be able to win trophies and stuff but Sabe just want to be able to save my progress when I re-start from other people’s saves.


How to resign Ps3 save games using save resign noob proof

How to resign Ps3 save games using save resign noob proof Discussion in saave Playstation 3 Guides ‘ started by seanpr92Jan 6, What do I do? PS3 Save Resigner 2. April 24 Location: Is there somebody I can contact by phone somewhere for like some step by step support.