Navicat 12 provides more authentication mechanisms and high-performance environments so you never have to worry about connecting over an insecure network. It also proved really useful to be able to store queries and share them between users. Navicat allows you to establish secure SSH sessions through SSH Tunneling, ensuring strong authentication and secure encryption between two hosts. I’ve dealt with software since my junior year in high school and know a good product when I see one. It is by far the best product of its kind on the market. Navicat for SQL Server. The features we use most are the backup and queries, also in relation with the scheduler.

premiumsoft navicat mysql

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Dr Richie Gill Oxford University. Our Customers Testimonial Case Studies. The tables are partial very big more than 50 Million records.

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I can’t comment on the documentation, because I’ve been able to figure out the few things I need to do just from the menus and icons on screen. Navicat is relative ease of use, and flexibility.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Download and installation help. Data Transfer, Data Synchronization and Structure Synchronization help you migrate your data easier nabicat faster for less overhead.


premiumsoft navicat mysql

Of particular importance to this choosing this solution was the strong CSV upload and export tools. It has a user-friendly GUI and allows quick and easy creation and sharing of information.

Products Support Partners About Us. Premiumsoft is a silver partner of Oracle in the Oracle Partner Network.

Navicat for MySQL – Download

Product s was added to your cart. Since early PremiumSoft Navicat has been downloaded 1, times. Visual SQL Builder will help you create, edit and run SQL statements without having to worry about syntax and proper usage of commands.

It supports Linux platform via bundled Wine.

premiumsoft navicat mysql

Even after weeks of having a standard process of managing the database we utilize Navicat’s import mechanism to handle unique data updates coming from our customer. The query builder was a big plus too. Sync your connection settings and queries to the cloud so you can get real-time queries and connections anytime and anywhere.

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They answered all my question in a short period of time. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

premiumsoft navicat mysql

With Navicat Data Modeling Tool, it allows user to create graphical representations of a relational database. Mac OS X The backup features and how simple it is to use cannot be compared. It naviccat quite easy to use and has very powerful features as, for instance, the query builder.


About Us Awards Press Newsletters. Naviicat your connection settings, models, queries and virtual groups to our Navicat Cloud service so you can get real-time access to them, and share them with your coworkers anytime and anywhere. Support different authentication methods of database servers such as PAM authentication.

My email questions were quickly and accurately answered. Overregistered customers across 7 continents and countries have chosen our products to manage their databases. The features we use most are premiumsofft backup and queries, also in relation with the scheduler.

Please help improve it by replacing them with more appropriate citations to reliable, independent, third-party sources. It is going to save us tons of time and time is money! The tables are partial very big navocat than 50 Million records. Ease of use and the list of features make it my choice for MylL administration.

The initial version of Navicat was developed in Now I do not have to worry about how to backup the Databases -its just one click now.