Find out about action files, align, anchor points, alpha channels, and more. I really appreciate this tutorial. I am pretty interested as well on more details about the little house icon realization. I have tried this tut at least 5 times and I still get a very black line at the top and bottom of the rectangle…. With the texture selected, click and hold on the texture until you are happy with the knot. Awesome tutorial and easy to do!

photoshop holzstruktur

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Ok Actually I apologize, as you already answered the same question some months ago. I feel ignorant… my graphic pen function seems to be disabled when I select the smaller rectangle to implement the third step. I like to save a preset in the Tracing Options. Thanks for posting it. Sorry for my English, I hope, you will understand me. holzstruktjr

Kostenlose Holz Texturen | Designtrax

When you trace the effect, it is nothing but basic paths. Also like the other texture tutorials, this technique is easy and applicable in logos, icons, interfaces or pretty much anything.

With the copied rectangle selected, change the dimensions for the width to 2. How did you create the cut out of the house in the wood grain texture example. With the texture selected, click and hold on the texture until you are happy with the knot. Are you using a mask? I got a couple of useful comments about using the wood grain effect to create a sort of wood flooring background.


photoshop holzstruktur

I just wrote a tut for Vectortuts with a similar effect. Select just the texture and click and drag with the Warp Tool shift r. Anyone got a tutorial for that?

How did you create the example with the house carved into the wood? Now, after setting dpi, is result perfect. I tried it but your end graphics looks a lot better than mine.

Is there a work around for this? Nice work, great tutorial.

25 Wood Photoshop Brushes

Just one question holzstru,tur after reading this tutorial: You can do as much or as little as you want. I found it very interesting and useful to create amazing effects with this tool. Experiment You can experiment quite a bit with this technique. Thanks for the great tutorial.

photoshop holzstruktur

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. There is no quick way to create a tile from the texture, but it can be done. Hi dude, your work so awesome and has a good taste. I really like that. What I did to get the closest equivalent was this:. Thanks for the tutorial…this was really easy to follow and it came out great.


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Rectangles Create a 5 inch holzstru,tur 5 inch rectangle with the Rectangle Tool m. Does this scene or scenes work well for the rising action. Ill be checking this website more often. However, the house seems to have much more shadow effect.

I just discovered this site and I really love its design and its content. Bolzstruktur did you do the one with the home engraved in the square and the bevel look?