I really wanna do this method until I can afford a bigger monitor. I use tri-sli gtx x Check this backwards by dividing horizontal by vertical and you get the following: I believe the popup warning I got was only the first time I pressed the button to bring up the custom resolution window. Good guide, well written. SO in the picture it says , I would make this I mentioned math above.

pcgh downsampling tool

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If you just look at them sized to your browser window, you lose the finer details due to the resizing. This setting is the key to all this. The first set of shots it is apparent on the debris hanging in front of Issac. Do you already have an account?

It took me a about 40 minutes of back and forth to get something I liked. The most common are 4: If anything in the guide is unclear, or doesn’t work let me know.

Note Rush’s hair, the trees behind him, and the Remnant in the background.

Iis tomcat isapi redirector download

If it passes then good we now have some room to work. You must make sure this number remains lower than Mhz. I was able to lower this to before I cpgh a black screen on the test.


Do whatever you need to just in case things go bad, or you need to start over. I recommend having a copy of video drivers downloaded and ready to install in case anything goes toool.

pcgh downsampling tool

If it fails, the downszmpling will go black and stay black. Depending on your monitor you can get much better results then me, feel free to share if you get this to work. There is a disclaimer by Nvidia that you could cause damage and yada yada yada.

On my vista machine lowing this number caused the screen to lock up. It is kind of long, but only because I like to go into a much detail as I can. I only claim this works for me, and offer it as a reference for others. Also the guardrail in front near the npc sitting on the bench. Once you have that set, you should be able to test it.

pcgh downsampling tool

You can also do this backwards to double check your work. This was the step it failed.

Downsampling: How to

Once that is done, press the test button to make sure it works. So no worries of pcgj it there. Now of note, if this step fails, there isn’t much more I can suggest at the moment because I haven’t the experience to remedy it.


Monitor’s OSD confirms x 75Hz and tests on websites I’ve seen such as taking pictures with a high shutter speed camera etc confirm no skipped frames. Great for games that don’t support AA, downsamling for people using video cards vastly more powerful than the monitor native resolution they are using can take advantage of.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. DO NOT spam esc. You should then have a custom resolution list that has your new resolution as shown below. If you try it on other OS’s you dowsnampling so at your own risk.

Iis tomcat isapi redirector

So go to your “Change Resolution” page in the Nvidia control panel. Next click “Create Custom Resolution” as shown in the picture below highlighted in red. Pay close attention to the amount of jagged edges on the ferris wheel and the power lines.