Last NsPro version can be found on official NsPro website: Added i Unlock support. Workflow The new interface brings a new 5 steps work flow design to ease your work especially when you must perform different commands on the same model, and even more when you have to perform the same command such as unlock on the same model. Added full support for XB. Added full support for B and J New version is available on nspro website: Fixed U, Z, Z flashing bug.

ns pro 6.6.4

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You can choose to have this window opened by default when you start NsPro.

NSPro.exe 6.6.4

Changing Prro NsPro 5 is the first localized version. The same on-the fly help displayed in the former assistant is shown now in this window.

Added support for old and new drivers. The new version is localized in several of the most used languages, ;ro a new help system, allows you to log all the operations you do, notifies you when an operation is done and delivers phone information and hints all the time.


تحميل تحديث بوكس ان اس برو NsPro اصدار

TT, B, S http: Added T, C, M, S support. Fixed read flash range on some Agere phones. New version is available on official NsPro website: XN flashing bug fixed. Added support for E, X, X Added support for Android V4. Updated several Android unlock procedures: Improved U, Z flashing protocol. If you click on this button a drop down menu is displayed and you can select a different language. Added N, I, Tm support. Is highly recomanded to update to last NsPro version.

Improved flashing protocol for G, D Latest NsPro version can be downloaded from: When the help window is opened that button is blue.

ns pro 6.6.4

rpo Is highly recommended to use the latest NsPro version! If a phone model requires different cables for different operations such as unlock and flash the cable shown in this area is always the one you need for the current operation. At any step you can return to this page and change the model.


ns pro 6.6.4

Reconnect NsPro box to PC and install drivers. The log file is called NsPro. The interface is available in English which is the default language and Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian.

Fixed i Get Info bug. Please update to new version to continue using NsPro.

JC cable schematic can be found on NsPro support area. Added I Rugby Smart Unlock 6.6.4. If you click on the text it brings NsPro into focus. C cable schematic can be found on NsPro support area. Added Support for new Android Qualcomm Security. Added unlocking support for i Improved Swift flashing speed. Added I, T new security support. Added full support for ED.