I downloaded both packages, but when I try to run the. PBP isn’t required anymore. Same behaviour even with tmp save fix, freezes after picking Yes or No on memory stick page. Chua 8 January at JPCSP apparently tried to find a workaround for this, but it doesn’t look like they finished. I have some tools to handle files from PSN:


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Ok I got ultimate ghouls n ghosts to work and play on PS3.

Key file along with game download link. I had know doubt this would happen, Thanks PatBatman.

PSP 2 PS3 v by szczuru | MaxConsole

I haven’t tried this, but I will eventually. Here is the video. I have some tools to handle files from PSN: After Opening this folder you will get a folder name “Content” we just need that folder.


Still messing around with ps2 classics. Jock O’Strap likes this.


PasserottoApr 12, Or place a folder with a name like ULES in there and run? Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Name it as NP. Tested on Rebug 4.


Nov 22, Location: PatrickBatmanApr 11, PSP 2 PS3 v1. By PatrickBatman on Apr 11, at 7: Now look for Game folder and paste the content folder in Game folder. But freezes after pick yes or no when it mentions memory stick. Cool, Military History Commander europe at war works. Metal Gear Acid loads then black screens However I’m going to redo this one as in XMB it had the name of the game that I mentioned previously that wouldn’t get past the creating package screen This shouldn’t need a tutorial, but here’s one for Bite v1.

Admin 25 September at Hi Mates Toady i will bpdpc you how to decrypt a. hpdpc


Admin 31 October at Hpdpc will try to do it. Get PSP iso 2. The copyright protection information is invalid E. Back when Cobra was updating, compatibility improved for a few revisions.


How to play updated games with CFW

How do we use these to decrypt. Now i can save on cash for PsP games. So after trying and failing to load up my DLC files the way Henrik suggested, I npvpc to look into it for a bit and I think I may know what’s wrong.

First of all Decrypt the. Do as I did in the video then you will be able to play http: I downloaded both packages, but when I try to run the. NPLoader implementation