You can also use a saved search or perform an Advanced Search. Click Add a Team Workspace. Stay tuned for further information on features in Vibe 3. Surveys enable you to poll team members, or any other Vibe users, about issues that are important to you, your team, or your company. Enables you to search the entire site for entries, places, and people.

novell vibe 3.4

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Novell has announced the new features and functions of their collaboration platform Novell Vibe that will be available with version 3.

Your profile is displayed. Select the folders that you want the workspace to contain. One advantage of Vibe is the ability to find experts vibd any subject within your organization. For example, if you are working on a project and are responsible for a certain aspect of that project, you can update your team on your individual progress by posting a blog in the Blog folder in the team workspace.

By default, users can sign your Guestbook by clicking the Overview tab on the home page of your personal workspace.

novell vibe 3.4

The User page is displayed. License Changes The license model of Novell Vibe has changed significantly. All third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Posted on Jul 2, in NovellNovell Vibe.

Novell Doc: Novell Vibe Advanced User Guide – Using Global Workspaces – July 30

The Add a Team Workspace page is displayed. The Content Area in Vibe is where the majority of information is displayed, such as workspaces, folders, and entries. Create a group containing all external users to manage them and benefit from the generic way of controlling user access in Vibe.


novell vibe 3.4

Use discussions as a way of obtaining comments and feedback to questions and thoughts that you might have. Enables you to quickly see new entries in your teams, places you are following, or across the entire site. Another reason to modify your profile is to publicize your skills and past experience to other Vibe users.

Provides various functions that enable you to manage the folder, including adding new folders, managing access control, configuring the folder, and more. This document explains how to get started with Vibe by accomplishing these important tasks.

novell vibe 3.4

If you are unable to modify your personal information such as your Novsll password as described in this section, it is probably because your personal information is being synchronized from an external directory server.

If you are a new user, your profile probably does not currently contain much information.

Java applets in Vibe blocked due to stronger security settings in Java

This provides a greater transparency, so those you work with know what you are doing, and how they might offer assistance to help you accomplish your tasks. Especially organizations with a large amount of external accounts for vendors or contractors will be novelll to save quite a bit of licenses, as they do not have to purchase licenses for guest and external users anymore.


Displays links to all of the team workspaces where you are a member. Click Add a Team Workspace. End users may experience one of the following issues after updating to the latest Java version on their desktop: For example, the best-known wiki on the Internet is Wikipedia.

To create a team workspace: The Navigation panel contains a navigation tree that displays the current workspace and all sub-workspaces and sub-folders.

Displays live feeds of the latest entries nvell your teams, places you are following, or across the entire site. Adding a personal brand to your workspace can enhance the appearance of your workspace and make you feel more at home.

Novell Vibe 3.4 Installation Guide

The Guestbook folder in Vibe is a place to viibe all of your guestbook entries. This option is displayed only when you are viewing a workspace.

Change your password, e-mail address, phone number, time zone, language of the interface, upload a picture, and more. Displays the following options: This message informs team members about the vube of the workspace, and can also explain the value of the workspace. Micro Focus Vibe 4. Enables you to add a place as a favorite, or to quickly visit your favorite places on the Vibe site.