Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. By the way you just have to root to screw up EFS… Any file manager with root access can delete it. Pulled the sim card, did a factory reset and set up the phone on WiFi without the sim card in it. T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 owner Danon has reached out to say that he appears to have gotten an Android 6. Are you interested in Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha? The Nexus 6 is just a piece of junk.


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I can n920guvu2dok5 why it makes more sense for someone like you to stick with Android. Not to mention the battery and lag issues that come with every upgrade. Is Apple Arcade worth it? What kind of case do you use on your phone?

One T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 owner appears to have gotten Android update – TmoNews

Glad you got your phone working again tho and thanks for providing the dump for the devs. I really hope it restores some of the features eliminated in the latest update.


I tried that and Android 6. What’s your favorite Apple Arcade game so far? Well, this is kind of strange.


N920tuvu2cok5 explains that he was having some issues with his IMEI info earlier today, so n920tuvu2dok55 used the Samsung Odin tool to restore his Note 5 back to the stock firmware. Would this by any chance work on NG? I usually run root to restore my Titanium Backup folder and never really use it for anything again.


Well I figured that imei part was right but that is soooo strange that it happened to you! Anyway if you backup your data, do a factory reset and pull your SIM and set the phone up on WiFi only, it may take around an hour or so but you should get the prompt to install MM if you really want it. Tell that to the devs on XDA who just dumped it off of his device, particularly arter97 who did it himself through TeamViewer. So I decided to log in, maybe signing in would let it download.

On my Note 2, the same thing happened to me when kitkat came out. I see arter97 n920tuvu2dol5 loading the full system dump as we speak, good shit. It is so n920tuvu2eok5 and locked down… ugh.


Mine took forever to get past that screen too but it eventually did. PhoneDog Which streaming music service do you use? Not sure why an old build with security issues would load. My guess is that I have to be set to stock and then flash this. By the way you just have to root to screw up EFS… Any file manager with root access can delete it.


Well we have it now. Also I hate iTunes and to even get third party free ring tones you have to use it.

He just used icons to make it it look like as if he got a marshmallow update. I have nexus 6 on T-Mobile. T-Mobile has screwed up my faith in Nexus phones. Easy flash it with Odin from any existing firmware version I can not check Knox trip, I’m not sure about it. I also got 6. Ive been using it for 2 days now.

Only problem was I had 2 step verification on when I restarted phone, so I had to install SIM to get text code to sign in. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. T mobile screwed the pooch on nexus 6.