To determine the support life cycle for your software version or edition, visit Microsoft Support Lifecycle. You can also apply it across domains by using Group Policy. Other versions or editions are either past their support life cycle or are not affected. This content includes security updates, drivers, and service packs. Back to Search MS Instead, components and controls built with the vulnerable versions of ATL may be vulnerable.


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Prompting before running Active Scripting is a global setting that affects all Internet and intranet sites.


Rapid7 Insight is your home for SecOps, equipping you with the visibility, analytics, and automation you need to unite your teams and amplify efficiency. The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer can also identify common security misconfigurations. When deleting the variant, it is possible to free unintended areas in memory that could be controlled by an attacker. For example, the vulnerability could allow remote code execution if the user visits a specially crafted Web page with Internet Explorer that instantiates a vulnerable component or control.

Note that this vulnerability would not allow an attacker to execute code or to elevate their user rights directly, but it could be used to produce information that could be used to try to further compromise the affected system.

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By installing this update, users ensure that all known issues caused by vulnerable ATL headers and libraries are corrected for core Windows components. The majority of customers have automatic updating enabled and will not need ms009-060 take any action because this security update will be downloaded and installed automatically.


This security bulletin update addresses vulnerabilities in Office components. Please see the references for more information. Developers who build and redistribute components and controls using ATL should install the update provided in this bulletin and follow the guidance provided to create, and distribute to their customers, components and controls that are not vulnerable to the vulnerabilities described in this security bulletin.


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Setting the kill bit makes sure that even if a vulnerable component is introduced or is md09-060 to a system, it remains inert and harmless. Then, save the file by using the. If a restart is required at the end of Setup, a dialog box is presented to the user by using a timer warning.

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Ms09-060 patch

In no event shall Microsoft Corporation or its suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of business profits or special damages, even if Microsoft Corporation or its suppliers have been advised m09-060 the possibility of such damages. For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web page: These registry subkeys may not contain a complete list of installed files. This guidance will also help IT professionals understand how they can use various tools to help deploy the security update.

This function does not properly restrict untrusted data read from a stream. Security software providers can then use this vulnerability information to provide updated protections to customers via their security software or devices, such as antivirus, network-based intrusion detection systems, or host-based intrusion prevention systems.

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This mode sets the security level for the Internet zone to High. There is no impact as long as the object is not intended to be mx09-060 in Internet Explorer. The flash-player is a web-browser plugin that allows displaying animated web-content and remote access to client hardware mic, web-cam, etc. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability by constructing a specially crafted Web page. For each prompt, if you feel you trust ms09-60 site that you are visiting, click Yes to run Active Scripting.


However, if a customer has used such ActiveX controls in a mw09-060 version of Internet Explorer, and then later upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8, then these ActiveX controls are enabled to work in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, even if the customer has not explicitly approved it using the ActiveX opt-in feature. However, since this is a cumulative security update, this update includes kill bits that Microsoft has issued for both Microsoft and non-Microsoft ActiveX controls.

An attacker could manipulate this string to read extra data beyond the end of the string and thus disclose information in ms0-060. Developers who built or redistributed components and controls built with affected versions of the Active Template Library should install the update provided in this bulletin and follow the steps provided to ensure that their components and controls do mss09-060 contain the vulnerabilities described in this bulletin.

This issue leads to reading data directly onto the stack instead of reading it into the area of memory allocated for an array, which could allow a remote, unauthenticated user to perform remote code execution on an affected system. Description of the security update for Windows Media Player: Users who are unable to upgrade should apply the update from MS The attacker could also take advantage of compromised Web sites and Web sites that accept or host user-provided content or advertisements.

How to stop an ActiveX control ms009-060 running in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft recommends that developers follow the guidance provided in theMS Visual Studio bulletin to modify and rebuild all components and controls affected by vulnerabilities described in this bulletin.