Thanks to the vegacomb team, i will be making a donation: Am I supposed to be in default recovery mode to do this? Anybody still having trouble getting into Recovery, try plugging in your power supply What else do I need to do to get VegaComb 3. Yes, it works on Viewpad 10s!! Cleared all caches, cleared partitions, reset battery stats.

modstock 1.10 v2

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Freightliner Coronado. Modified + Skins + Trailer (1.31)

One step closer, but not quite there yet! Hopefully people won’t mind to much having to do a bit of work re-flashing to allow them future vegacomb updates.

Reply to this topic This is simply a case of “it doesnt look very professional” when demoing my android app running o the vega.

When they say recovery they are talking about the vega recovery mode not clockwork.

modstock 1.10 v2

This mean my system have the right space the VegaComb 1. Yes, it works on Viewpad 10s!! First post but i have lurked as a guest for months. Seems like screen calibration is a little off as well as I had to really press around the buttons in order to get them to respond for example, My Apps. I believe it has something to do with letting the battery run down a bit, and doing the button sequence immediately after plugging in the power cable.


Cleared all caches, cleared partitions, reset battery stats.

How to install vegacomb advent vega – Advent Vega – MoDaCo

I did get so far as the CMD prompt coming up with NVflash and it starts it’s script, but near the end I get a “fail” and it aborts. Is there 1.1 way to remove the “if you paid more for this, you’ve been ripped off” message? These are as follows: I have Viewsonic ViewPad 10s 3G.

Didn’t realise I could unlock it with ‘next step’. Hello, Congratulations on this ROM – makes the vega a completely device in a good way!! Anyone know if there will be an update to Corvus5 or has dev work now focused on Vegacomb?

No google apps, nothing else, just these simple changes. Thanks newbe5, that’s why it didn’t work.

Practical Logistics 2 Mod 1.12.2/1.10.2 (All Things Data)

My Vega is connected in recovery mode from ClockworkMod v3. Once again, easy to flash once Modded stock rom is in place. How do I upgrade to the new ModdedStock 1.


modstock 1.10 v2

Mpdstock installed re-start and you should now have stock 1. Am I supposed to be in default recovery mode to do this? Is there any other way to adjust the partition sizes before installing VegaComb 1. So, flash this in nVflash recovery mode exactly the same as the stock 1. Finally got into Advent Recovery mode after many many attempts.

games: IZOD IndyCar Series – Rfactor

Unfortunately not – it needs to be done from a PC! Then ModdedStock worked fine. Very slow and jerky. Has anyone gotten this to install correctly on a Viewsonic 10″ Gtablet?

modstock 1.10 v2

Oh ok, I was under the impression that they are the same device. Posted October 24, Posted September 7,