Depending the back-end you want to use, other modules could be required. MKSBackup is one of a few backup tools that allows to perform online backups of running virtual machines. You have initialized your C: The vmware folders has three files: You could have used -d switch to increase logging verbosity and display wbadmin log at the end of the backup. Here is a configuration file sample:.


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Successfully completed backup for fc6pmx! You can also modify or add a file in the system cron.

Text files are converted to the UNIX format during the upload. You can also subscribe without commenting. If you don’t want to exclude any VM, let the field empty or remove mksbacukp. When done and if destination as been defined, MKSBackup can copy or movebackup files back to the local host using the scp utility or upload them to any FTP server.

Backup VMware ESX(i) using ghettoVCB

The configuration is basically the editing of mksbackup. If set, this file will be added to the ghettovcb command using the -g. Learn one tools and backup them mksbsckup This parameter is passed as is to the -include option. This is the path of the wevtutil executable. Both are similar, but the second one require to set the username for the cron command.


The general ftp url format is:. Be careful to configure your local firewall to allow your built-in ftp server to accept connection. Look at this sample:. To schedule these job each days, look here Job parameters program mandatory To use the ghettoVCB backend, program must be set to ghettovcb. Download the sources and extract the archive in one directory, jump into it and run:.

Additional parameteters can be added on the line. The FTP url and credentials are configured in the destination parameter.


Place this folder on the root of your harddrive. Because openssl don’t allow to set the password on the command line like puttyyou need to use authentication key to allow unattended connection as required by MKSBackup.

If not found, install setuptool this way:.

Download the archive with Putty and extract it into any folder in our sample it is C: Read the wbadmin documentation of your system for more. As soon as ghettoVCB.


A free solution to Backup VMware ESX(i) to a USB drive

This directory must exist before to start the backup. To do it, create a new task in the Windows Task Scheduler. A DOS box pop up and asks you some questions.


If files with the same name as the virtuals machines are found, they will be used by ghettovcb as specific configuration using the -c option. The only valid types are systemstate and none. Sometimes the -scp option can be used to force the use of the SCP protocol.

RSA key fingerprint is Depending the back-end you want to use, you need to install other python packages.

The zip file contains a folder called: X is not supported. During script execution the folders containing virtual machine files will appear in the destination directory.