Since we do not have a firm example set to work from so everyone is using the same methods for lighting and otherwise, I would absolutely love if you’d begin making a small mock-up of the interior somewhere. All of the ships featured on the server are 1: They’re not as bad as I say lol In the end, every room will be individually modelled and designed. But where was I?

minetrek 2

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minetrek 2

Never got into Minecraft myself since I would not have the patients to do this but very impressive. Since I was posting it I decided to update it with a few more details anyway. No, we’re not going to decorate up a holodeck Stumbled upon this as I was working on a new Phaser Strip model. Well I decided that since I was adding a Freebuild Area yes there is now an area anyone can build whatever they wish on the minetrwk I might as well freely build something myself.

If you can help us get more followers and reblogs, I will keep this going. A lot of hard work, I can tell you that!

I’m planning to do a mini-series of videos in as high def as I can manage showcasing the server, its features and goals, the build, how to become a builder Ensignand other such things that are common. There has been a lot of love poured into this ship, and the level of detail is absolutely maxed out for what Minecraft can provide at least classic. Why not a real mall, park, or whatever it is supposed to be? When do you think you will have a link ready for the cadet application?


The original from the video On the left and the original now 3 years later on the right. This is the model with just the hull. Download Medium Quality p. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

And of course ultimately its for everything we haven’t thought of yet. Rohan Rajagopalan 2 years ago Hi Ive been going on your server for a while now visiting the different builds and I am really interested in becoming a cadet. I think I read that Seth’s response to this project was “We have the greatest fans ever”.

minetrek 2

Building on the Edge. If this matches something you like to do, give us a visit and apply for our server! Waaaaaay back when the Enterprise project first started there was a lot going on.

I’ve seen the grotto – it has looked like it did in my video a while back for pretty much minetrel entire time I’ve been a part of or even visiting the project – a big sorta empty room with some waterfalls and grass and stuff. This was a while back.

MineTrek Texture Pack –

The server houses two copies of the ship, one that is preserved in its final form upon being imported from classic the latest version from there and the other is the same but is being built further using all of the new blocks available between classic and the 1. Many updates to come, but for now, lets keep it simple. We aught to have a message board area with information about the server in case people arrive here oblivious to the existence of the forums, this blog, etc.


Because it is to scale, we made sure to follow the exact specs of the Paramount blueprints made by a man named Edwin Lee Whitefire. Clude cat 4 years ago Amazing work loved star trek since I was six years old.

Resistance is Oinky Well Another Gamer 3 years ago This another gamer and trekkie 10InchDestroyer.

This video should serve as a much more helpful introduction to the server than forum posts etc, and hopefully will pick up more interested parties via Minetrrk and perhaps elsewhere that the video could get linked to. We would love to get word of this project further out there. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

MineTrek Texture Pack

MineTrek 2 is the evolution of Halkun’s original server that he began 2 years ago in Minecraft Classic. Monday, March 12, Updates! You take a look behind you and instead of a ship, you see this lonely arch in the middle of William Awesome 3 years ago What’s the port?