Clarified options for filtering by Show Types I have also tried adjusting the order and the Title tag is being set on every file that MCEBuddy processes. Bugfix, under heavy load multiple threads could break Changelog for 2. Minor bugfix for GUI crash under certain circumstances Changelog for 2. Fix for handling handbrake audio Fixed a bug in manual tempworking path when using multiple simultaneous conversions Changelog for BETA 20 1. Forcing a IMDB movieid for movies did not work

mcebuddy 2.4.2

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Refer to documentation for more details. Added localization for Afrikaans, Catalan and Cantonese 2.

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Fixed issue with embedding ttxt chapter files modifying file reported length also updated MP4Box to 2.42 0. Improved handling of corrupted and H remuxing Added support to right click the files in the queue to get media information 6.

Tweaking handbrake profiles to use decomb filter, significant improvement in quality Mcebudsy for 2. Fix for crash when archive directory or source directory is root path 4.


Comskip Support Forum • View topic – Comskip process is hanging in MCEBuddy

It works on bit and bit Windows. GUI reporting incorrect info sometimes Fixed issue mcwbuddy not selecting right profile parameters for non ac3 audio 7. Added a button to clear the history file in the settings page. Improved performance and compatibility with newer builds of Comskip Added tool tips on the GUI pages Quicksync now supports 2 pass encoding Added support for Channel name matching to Conversion Tasks MP4 files of greater than 2GB will not have their ads removed Stream based remux and DVR-MS files are not supported in the x64 version Internationalisation is not there yet The sample video that comes with Windows 7 does not convert Landscapes.

Improved performance and compatibility with newer builds of Comskip I have included this code into the next MCEBuddy 2. When this option is selected MCEBuddy will let the encoder ffmpeg or handbrake .24.2 the best audio track.

ReAdded support for ShowAnalyzer version 1.

VideoPad Video Editor 7. Copying history and event logs to clipboard BTW are you using the latest 2.


MCEBuddy 2.x

Commercial removal with empty or tiny cuts EDL file The GUI now gets the settings from the engine rather than reading from the config file. Minor change in SRT extraction logic.

mcebuddy 2.4.2

I tried this with many episodes of this series and with both the 2. Extracting NFO metadata for all video types Added support for eMail non blocking UI test Changelog for 2. Modified the behaviour of SRT file copying.

Provide a warning in MCEBuddy Custom Cuts if conversion tasks are found with commercial removal turned off while sending files for processing Updated MP4 profiles for better quality 9. This the complete drop-in replacement for the existing MCEBuddy. Improved support for matching online metadata with special characters in the titles Added ability to specify locale language Update Handbrake to SVN, improved stability

mcebuddy 2.4.2