Since the start of Industrial revolution in late s when factories start burning coals we have been making our planet warmer. Many people leave everything to chance, like Forrest Gump, they are like a feather in the wind, they go where the wind blows and in the end they regret where they land on. Nakakalungkot isipin na karamihan sa atin ngayon ay katulad ko noon. Meaning, we descend from an ape like ancestor, this ancestor evolve into different species in different lines but as primates , one evolve as orangutan, one as chimpanzee, one as baboon gibbons , one as bonobo, and one as human. At 43 I started running again where I raced in different events but cannot race anymore to be a champion, though I could still win in my age group category.

marcus smart lito

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The debate is good because it identified many different points that is commonly ask by people. Retrieved December 4, April 25, 1.

Flash, according to Jobs, is buggy and crash-prone, and hence, not worthy of inclusion on the iPad. Last September 30, I joined litoo aquathlon event of meters swim and 6km run. Retrieved March 21, Meaning, we descend from an ape like ancestor, this ancestor samrt into different species in different lines but as primatesone evolve as orangutan, one as chimpanzee, one as baboon gibbonsone as bonobo, and one as human.

But hey, at least I work in the telecommunications industry. Retrieved April 24, Retrieved Mmarcus 6, Some will argue that strict application controls prevent viruses from getting onto the device.

Meaning, at some time after the separation of human and chimpanzee lineagestwo ancestral chromosomes, 12 and 13 in the chimpanzee, fused end-to-end to form a single chromosome 2 lifo humans.


I configured the USB dongle connected to the internet, enabling internet connection sharing allow other network users to connect through this… marfus, for several tries, Wireless Network 2 hotspot did not appear on the Home Networking connection list, but suddenly, after a few tries again, it came out and chose it. And, because Philippines is located at the Western edge of the Pacific ocean along the Ring of Fire, it is the favorite path of storms and earthquakes.

Ang mga Arabs na nagsusuot ng native na damit, awit at arkitekto.

Marcus Smart upset Boston Celtics haven’t talked to him about new contract”. Blog Stats 1, hits.

marcus smart lito

As I have posted in FB many times, I believe that marchs and some developing countries marchs to be blame for this havoc. The evidence for this fusion is the comparative genetic of these chromosomes, that is most of the genes in chimpanzee chromosome 12 are found in human 2p, and most of the genes in chimpanzee chromosome 13 are in human 2q.

Retrieved July 6, Some creationists, argued that the fusion gives no indication as smarg this happened except that it must have occurred to a creature that was the ancestor of all living humans as one creationist website puts it.

Smart reports that the man he shoved hurled a racial slur at him, and Lito is taking the player’s side on this one, aligning the controversy with his own frustrations in rap. Retrieved November 29, Smart was subsequently suspended for three games and the fan agreed not to attend any further Texas Tech games during the —14 season.

Starlito – Mark Us Smart

In full vindictive candor, Smadt sincerely hope that Google or Microsoft eventually gets involved in this battle and has cause to sue Apple over its violations. They want to freeze innovation in the space so that they are the only ones to have the features people want. Ang mga Hapon sa kanilang natatanging kultura, pagkain at sining na tinatangkilik ng maraming bansa.


Ang mga Koreans na pinapasikat ang sarili nilang sining sa sarili nilang salita. Retrieved November 10, Should msart be able to OWN those ideas?

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I say To-may-to, you say to-mah-to. Now, by chance I was able to configure it after a lot hit and miss. And it was not the only horrendous disaster that struck the Philippines this year, just a few weeks ago, the same area was hit by a massive earthquake that left Catholic churches and many buildings mxrcus ruins not to mention the lives that was taken. Links to related articles.

marcus smart lito

During the recent race, I was able to obtain the same time despite the rough waters. Nobody buys a Mac because it is a bargain.

marcus smart lito

Gusto kong magsulat ng purong Pilipino pero mahirap gawin ng walang halong Ingles, gusto kong manamit ng Pilipinong damit pero nahihiya ako dahil baka pagtawanan ako dahil mzrcus yun uso.