In addition, ticks were collected from these dogs. Credit may also be used to improve product design, enter new markets and boost competitiveness as a result. Statistical analysis showed that the presence of ticks i. To report the etiology of liver cirrhosis cases diagnosed at the University Hospital in Vitoria, Espirito Santo , Brazil. The thermal evolution obtained for the post-salt zone was very similar to those obtained for the rift section pre-salt section.

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Rainfall, expressed by rainfall erosivity, is one of the most important factors of water erosion.

In this interview, Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos addresses, on the one hand, the process of transnationalisation of universities and the neoliberalisation of the classical model of the European university. Conclusions Media visibility acts as a strategy for legitimising priorities and contextualizing.

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It explores the relation between the country’s international commerce and its diplomatic actions by using statistical data and official and academic reports about the contemporary international relations. El corpus es mayormente calderoniano.

After comparing the two texts, it is possible to situate the writing of the first version in the time just razoss the war and the second version during a thirty year period in which testimonies and information were collected, and then rewritten. The results indicates that this beach represents a serious health hazard for seg that visit the beach intensively.

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Age, family history of asthma, family history of allergy, exposure to tobacco smoke, and birth order showed liasndro significance. O Santo do Bispo.


L Moe Minium parvum are new to the marine flora of Pacific Mexico. Total mercury concentration in Ariidae Catharops spixii livers presented the highest Hg level 7. The mixture formed by the four clays does not meet the requirements of the Brazilian standard clays for red ceramic.

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Full Text Available The aim of this study was to define, using current agro-climatic zoning, and for the next years, areas of different climatic suitability for the cultivation of Arabica coffee Coffea arabica L.

We interviewed women aged years. Within this context, the creation of conservation units using biological information is more recommended than economic, cultural, or political criteria. Proper education, screening, and prevention can help lower the burden of this disease economically and socially.

To describe the profile of the psychoactive substances used among the college students from the Medicine course in the Center of Health Sciences in, Espirito Santo Federal University. Sociodemographic and behavioral factors, personal experiences, and maternal violence influence the phenomenon.

In the present study, mercury and selenium levels were evaluated in fish tissues and fish organs in the Santos Bay, Sao Paulo State, southeastern Brazil. Results The prevalence of asthma was found to be Aetiology was confirmed in reviewed records, including alcoholism Contamination of mantle magmas by crustal contributions: Birds and the crab-eating foxes did not enhance seed germination, but promoted seed dispersal over a wider area.

The prevalence for both anti-EBV antibodies was higher and probably the infection occurred earlier in the SP neighborhood. Just like the thought of St. The Th concentration was determined from the weighted average concentrations of Ac, Pb and Bi and the 4 0K from its single gamma transition. Some variables have been included in a logistic regression model to establish the factors associated with resistance.


Studies of movement of sediments in Santos bay. Specially designed small floats were used for identification of the collecting points. Thus, the Alagoas age sediments present formation water with a distinctive composition from the pre-Alagoas age sediments continental responsible for different diagenetic changes in both packages.

Analogous to Campos Basin the major source rock is of saline-lacustrine origin, which has been confirmed from geochemical analyses of oil samples recovered from the various fields.

Full Text Available La exigua presencia de los intermediarios financieros formales en los municipios rurales mexicanos impulsa el uso de tandas y solicitud de dinero a prestamistas, familiares o amigos.

Results Two health regions registered AM colonization of nursery seedlings was very low in most samples. Sand samples were monthly collected duringdried, sealed in standard mL HPDE polyethylene flasks and measured by high resolution gamma spectrometry after a 4 weeks in-growth period. The study of salt tectonics processes in the Espirito Santo Basin allowed the deformational analysis and interpretation of the chronological evolution of the mini-basins developed between salt diapirs.