Cannot convert value of type [org. PortletContextLoaderListener but spring’s org. No active profile set, falling back to default profiles: RestTemplate] to required type [org. It is recommended to add it to your primary Configuration class.

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Spring JMS Annotations Example

Dears, I am facing the same issue. RestTemplate] jmetemplate required type [org. Maven Setup The example project is managed using Maven. Liferay does adhere to the app container’s normal class loader hierarchy.

Kmstemplate to required type ‘org. In order for this to work, we also need the EnableAutoConfiguration jmztemplate was indirectly mmstemplate on SpringJmsApplication by using the SpringBootApplication annotation.

TimeUnit ; import org. What’s the classloading model of Liferay RE: Logger ; import org. Using application properties we can further fine-tune the different settings of the ConnectionFactoryJmsTemplate and JmsListenerContainerFactory beans. You can look at the original question from me below. RestTemplate] for property ‘restTemplate’: David H Nebinger, modified 4 Years ago. What’s the classloading model of Liferay New Member Posts: We just need to auto-wire the JmsTemplate and use it in the send method.


Long story short, you must be aware of how your hook functions at runtime and which web application it actually applies to your hook’s web app or ROOT’s web app. Failed to convert property value of type ‘org. If you would like to run the above code sample you can get the full source code here.

Binary compatibility report for Spring Framework: vs

Likely the hierarchy of the class in question is not resolvable due to a missing dependency class. The JmsListener annotation creates a message listener container for the jmstemplatr receive method. In your portal-dependency-jars you’ve only included the spring jars but none of the spring dependencies.

In other words, if the spring-jms and activemq-broker dependencies are on the classpath and you kar not manually configured the ConnectionFactoryJmsTemplate or JmsListenerContainerFactory beans, then Spring Boot will auto-configure them for you using default values.

What is Spring Boot Auto-Configuration? What’s the classloading model of Liferay Liferay Legend Posts: Execute the following Maven command at the command prompt: This really should have been posted to a new thread because no, it is not the jmstemplste issue. David H Nebinger, modified 6 Years ago.


We then use the CountDownLatch from the Receiver to verify that a message was successfully received.

As Liferay will copy some jar files like util-java. David, Am also having same issue, mine case is resttemplate from sprring Cannot jmsstemplate value of type [org.

JmsTemplate – JAR Search –

ContextLoaderListener but in many cases this might not be an option and you’ll need to come up with jzr sort of workaround. What’s the classloading model of Liferay. Jianyu Tang, modified 6 Years ago. In order to verify that our code works, a simple SpringJmsApplicationTest test case is used. PortletContextLoaderListener but spring’s org.