Maybe his can’t be done. At least, this fact should be better documented. But lets say I have version 1. I would know that these ratings would be coming from LabVIEW users and that I could trust them to be an honest reflection on the usefulness of the package. If VIPM could organize the packages not only by the name of the license type but also by a deeper understanding of it there aren’t that many license types in VIPM after all then I’ll feel much safer while installing packages from VIPM. It would be nice if this could be auto-configured but only when creating new packages so there are no surprises when opening an existing package.

jki vipm

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The package name “UI Tools” is not in the list above A feature or function to display a vopm of packages showing the dependencies between different packages, based on a selection of packages, what is currently installed, or all packages in a package configuration.

Especially in our case this could be a reason why we cannot use VIPM.

jki vipm

Thanks a lot, Sincerely, kosist With most things you can download these days there’s usually some form of user rating, namely in the form of a score out of 5 stars, such as. To vote for an existing idea: To start with I don’t mind if its not exposed through the UI – as I would more than happy to do it myself with hooks.

jki vipm

Hki will be prompted to create a new account if you don’t have one, or login, if you do. I ran into the situation a few times when I wanted to abort what I was doing but couldn’t. We have decided not to implement your idea. T he whole VIPM packages list stays empty even though all the packages are there on disk.


Use some kind of GUID in the package that is the unique identifier between packages, and not the filename.

VI Package Manager – National Instruments

I would be nice to have the ability to install a package directly into a end user specified project folder instead of being forced to install to a set location. Since password protecting VIs is really not that great a protection, we opt to remove block diagrams from our paid software. Dependencies of a package are installed first followed by the main package itself which is the correct behavior.

For advanced package management functionality, such as configuration management or managing code repositories within an organization, JKI offers Professional and Enterprise versions of the product.

Instrument Driver Inside of that folder are several other folders: Customer support service by UserEcho.

Also if there is some issue with the uninstallation process the main package will not be left alone without its dependencies. Adding package configurations to a project is a great way to always have all my dependencies available for a quick install.

VI Package Manager

I thought it would be cool if I could abort vvipm in the future. When I use the “Search” function to filter the displayed packages for certain words, any result must contain my search words in one of the columns Name, Version, Repository, or Company to be listed.

jki vipm

When there are multiples PC used for development purpose, there comes one more situation. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. I have situation where I feel this option will be very useful.


This poses the same requirements on the developer, having both the source and target LV versions installed, and would enable VIPB to use “Save for Previous My suggestion is to have the ability to put multiple versions of the same package into a VIPC. I can currently do this with a. This seemed hki be for network tasks.

When you submit an idea, it will pass through several stages: Kami menjual Jual obat suplemen peninggi badan tiens murah asli dalam bentuk paketan, kenapa begitu? Say to build Keithley 24xx, I need to include Instrument Driver as source directory and include Keithey 24xx folder and whole hierarchy of Instrument Driver menu files ie the menu file directly inside Instrument Driver and vi;m one inside Power Supply folder and build package over it.

I think it would be great if you were able to provide your own rating for packages you have installed.

VI Package Manager / JKI

This feature would allow easy creation of start menu items so that users can access build applications, examples, jku manuals, etc.

I have built a number of internal libraries where I want the same support on desktop and RT palettes. Consequently, having the ability to share package configurations between users publicly or privately would allow to keep small vipc files in LabVIEW project without the need to “include packages” in the configuration file.