Support for V-Ray 3. Added Max to the installer. That fixes updating problems with Octane presets. Library Browser Added 3D models of grass, flowers and stones. Once created, assign it as Custom Object in Forest. Group Boxes are collapsible.

itoo forest pack pro 4.2

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Fixed crash when assigning Custom Objects directly from the templates layer. Toolbar is not available after a Ppack change. Forest doesn’t update with changes of rotation or scale on Custom Objects, until scene is reloaded. Groups must be assigned using the name selector.

See the documentation for more information. The fully integrated solution uses a familiar UI and workflow to create almost unlimited geometry with complete control over every detail.

Classic 2D Library is not installed by default. Forest automaterials are generated using random names, to avoid duplicates. We supply quality plant models and presets from leading vendors for use with Forest Forrst Pro.

itoo forest pack pro 4.2

Update Manager Get new and updated content and install it to your library browser the moment it is released with Forest Pack 6’s new update manager. Forest Pack’s intelligent instancing technology enables nearly limitless geometry with minimal overhead. Distribution Map was not visible to Asset Tracker in Max and older. And others on the forum seem to be using it without issue.


Fixed an error that pto when configuration is defined by environment variables, but pri HKCU registry branch doesn’t exist.

itoo forest pack pro 4.2

Fixed undo text in some procedures with areas. Select all dependencies Select all of a Forest objects dependencies with a single click including geometry, areas, surfaces, splines, objects and more. Be sure your render software is upgraded to the latest version.

Itoo Forest Pack Pro for 3DsMax Free Download – FileCR

VRay proxies using non-ascii characters fail to load in Max Fixed crash when rendering without license. Added support for Max Improved V-Ray render performance pqck many-core machines.

Editing the marker automatically and instantly updates Forest Pack. Animation samples are not properly updated, when using random or maps. Using Update Manager you only need to download what you need and it enables us to release new content at any time.

Itoo Forest Pack Pro 6.2.2 for 3ds Max Free Download

Fixed potential crash usign animated objects. To preserve compatibility with old scenes, existing Forest objects use the old algorithm. Support for Corona Alpha 6, including Forest Color. Itoo Software Forest Pack Pro 6. If you can model fores, you can scatter it.


Defines the subitem index when the item belongs to a Group. In this case, the previous behaviour is applied using only foerst first color ID match. This is now the lower version supported. Fixed crash rendering with Redshift.

Fixed crashing bug using Tree Editor when object is empty ‘F’ icon. New Grass Library Create realistic grass and ground cover using the new and improved lawn and weed library. With no destructive editing you make design decisions at any time, and see the results in the viewport instantly.

itoo forest pack pro 4.2

Image attached for reference! Toolbar placed out of screen and not visible see Note 1.