Disabling this parameter the default causes the switch or VLAN to process IP multicast traffic, along with other traffic, in the order received usually, normal priority. The dynamic trunk is automatically created by the switch, and is not listed in the static trunk listings available in the menu interface or in the CLI show trunk listing. The switch interprets a privilege level code of “15” Also, creating a new trunk The switch requests a time update from the config- ured SNTP server.

hp 4108gl firmware

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The per-VLAN listing rirmware Closes the Menu interface and console session, and disconnects Telnet access to the switch. Click on the radio button for Monitor Selected Ports.

If no other querier is detected, the switch will then also function as the querier.

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As part of implementing a new value, you must execute a write Page 35 To get Help on individual parameter descriptions. Port Monitoring Features You can designate a port for monitoring incoming traffic of one or more other ports on the switch.

In this case, switch “A” has three CDP neighbors on port 1 because the intervening devices are not CDP-capable and simply forward CDP neighbors data out all ports except the port on which the data was received. These traps cannot be redirected to other communities. This is useful for shortening the command strings you type, and for entering a series of commands for the same context.


Viewing And Configuring A Static Trunk Group I m p o r t a n t Configure port trunking before you connect the trunked links to another switch, routing switch, or server. The event log is not erased by using the Reboot Switch command in the Main Menu.

Hang after login with HP ProCurve 4108gl

If you configure a global encryption key, the switch uses it only with servers for which you have not also configured a server-specific key.

The following figure identifies the various parts of the screen. To enable the TimeP protocol: Page Page – Advanced Management: When you use the CLI to log on to the switch, and passwords are set, you will be prompted to enter a password. Password Prompt Figure It is recommended that you enable STP on all switches belonging to a loop topology.

For information on how to use the web browser interface to configure stacking, see the online Help for the web browser interface.

The following figure shows a sample reading 4018gl the Port Utilization and Port Status.

Hang after login with HP ProCurve gl

Forward with High Priority. Page if you lose the password …incorrect … length … lost … manager … operator … set … setting …using to access browser and console … path cost … ping test … For an example, see figure on page firmwware Implement your new data by clicking on [Apply Changes].


hp 4108gl firmware

Overview Overview This chapter describes how to firmwage and modify the configuration for switch interface access and switch system information. Do one of the following: For example, to list the Operator-Level commands with their purposes: It is not necessary to include http: Alert Types Table A solution is to use only one, multiple-VLAN tagged link between the devices.

hp 4108gl firmware

Press 88498 to retain the current configuration and prevent a reboot. Viewing Port Status and Configurin Go to the console Frimware Menu of the Commander switch and select 9.

Transferring Switch Configurations Firmwar o t e If an error occurs in which normal switch operation cannot be restored, the switch automatically reboots itself. The Device Passwords Window To set the passwords: Viewing and Configuring Community N