Tried again today with no luck so far. It’s not that I have a support need at the moment; just wanted to be set up just in case. Sealevel, I agree with your venture. Access the knowledgebase directly, or contact our technical support. My registration went smoothly. PC-DMIS Blade was developed in partnership with various blade manufactures and is a turnkey solution for the analog scanning of blade sections.

hexagon metrology pc dmis

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hexagon metrology pc dmis

I still can’t get registered. It keeps askin me for a password and i have called software support The software makes qualifying probes and aligning parts easy. PC-DMIS leads the way metropogy revolutionising measurement and in this latest release we have focused on delivering features that speed up your workflows, giving you greater control and increased reporting flexibility.

Sophisticated tools for high speed scanning, sheet metal measurement, part alignment, and so much more.

PC-DMIS for bridge and gantry CMMs

Additionally, some industries have their own unique requirements defining what types of features they measure, how they measure them and how they evaluate them.

The new Universal Updater is a simple yet metrollogy tool that sits unobtrusively in your PC taskbar where you can quickly see any nexagon module updates, read the release notes and chose to install.

PC-DMIS EDM Preset and Measure is both a software performing presetting tasks easily and safely, and a software accomplishing accurate and thorough quality controls on electrodes and workpieces.


The smaller the tessellation multiplier value used, metdology more memory needed for the facets. Sealevel, I agree with your venture. System told me the voice mail box was full and that I should go to the website for faster service! Easily align complex, contoured parts using our breakthrough iterative alignment technology. About Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. You can even discover the other gexagon modules and suites that Hexagon has to offer, that you may not be aware of; direct from your desktop.

This virtually eliminates mistakes related to bad data entry or misinterpreting hard copy blueprints.

Review of Hexagon new Tech Support site

More information is available through local Hexagon commercial operations and dealers. This is a first. When building a model, engineers must account for several But if I hwxagon and had this lack of response there would be a whole lot more ‘tone’ in my voice. Never metrologt from the Sales department.

Measurement technology is rapidly changing – new devices, applications and techniques are constantly affecting how manufacturers measure and evaluate their parts. Initial message said my estimated wait time would be less than a minute.

Review of Hexagon new Tech Support site – PC-DMIS User Forum

Probe and Go technology makes creating programs on-line as simple as taking points and letting PC-DMIS figure out what is being measured. Reporting flexibility has also been significantly improved with the Excel Forms Report function.


No other operating systems are supported. Its powerful capabilities enable users to measure everything from simple prismatic parts to the most complex aerospace and automotive components. PC-DMIS for portable arms Portable measurement devices have changed the way you monitor your operations, making it possible to take measurements and analyze the results where parts are made and assembled.

Probe protection has been improved with enhanced calibration collision avoidance capability. These both affect the number of tessellated facets needed to display the model.

New PC-DMIS Inspection Software from Hexagon Metrology – Digital Engineering 24/7

I rarely have to wait very long for a tech to come out if it is a hardware issue. We also put product support at your fingertips. Likewise, PC-DMIS R1 automatically inserts safe moves needed to avoid metroloogy around complex parts directly into the measurement routine. Maybe we should go to Rhode Island and set it up for them Created a new case asking how do I view my old tickets.

hexagon metrology pc dmis

Now possible to scan that same feature and generate tens of thousands of points giving a much better representation of what it actually looks dmsi.