So you have to use a double call mechanism. Program The program shall do: If you have general questions or bug reports you should use the Pcsclite-muscle mailing list. No smart card inserted.! Double click the dll and it will be added to the project.

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I really wanted to genpctwin this work using only the native Win7 smart card support. So we have to either not use it at all in a portable source code or re-implement a version on Windows. Hi Helge, The scenario you have mentioned above is not supported by Citrix.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BUt couldnt see smartcard on device manager as a pass throught device.

Ludovic Rousseau’s blog: April

Not sure if insgaller is still looking here, but having the same issue, have followed all above but no luck. September 11, at We have XD 5. I decided to rewrite a limited version on Windows.

April 24, at You can skip the package feature dialog. Any ideas what might be breaking that part of the process?


CCID free software driver

But I will let you know: We are using omnikey smart card reader to capture data from civil id smart card in java based web application. So if you modify the wrapper you need to rebuild the HelloWorld project, not just rerun it.

Hi, Our customer has xen desktop enviroment with clients. Double click the dll and it will be added to the project. December 28, at One first call to get the size to allocate and one second call with a buffer allocated at the correct size.

When i try it from citrix session i am not able to capture all details gempctwln civil id partial details aregetting displayed. I can’t test is myself so patches are welcome if needed. The second command is the only command known by the applet. I may post blog messages describing all the wonderful new features I added in these software.

August 25, at Helge applied his extensive knowledge in IT infrastructure projects and architected the user profile management product whose successor is now available as Citrix Profile Management. GetReaders ; if szReaders.


The compiler gcc takes care to find and use the correct framework. You can use an interactive reader selection installer at: T1 ; break ; default: Maybe it is possible to install the DLL in a system directory or something like that.

The ChangeLog for pcsc-lite or README for ccid file is in general not up-to-date but the file generated with the subversion changelog exs always up-to-date.

So I was wonderin eze it is possible to use it like that. Program The program shall do: Thanks Thanks to Daniel Mueller, author of pcsc-sharpfor writing the sample code and a large part of the documentation included in this article.

I Ludovic Rousseau greatly improved this code. It is surprising since it is recognised as a Windows binary: