Is that really the moral? Sunset Shimmer is Bi According to K. And your blueprint’s just a great sketch and a clever pun! We hope you enjoy the episode regardless. Most of the voices are done by Jenny Nicholson while Griffin Lewis does the music, editing, and some of the voices mostly secondary characters.

foaly matripony

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I awoke one morning to find that he had slaughtered them all and left a message in the snow reading “I dare you to love again. Talk about holiday spirit. Hey, who are you going to listen to?

Friendship is Witchcraft (Web Video) – TV Tropes

I guess sometimes it just takes one unspeakable cruelty to counteract another! One lives one’s death, one dies one’s life.

You can’t make stars!

foaly matripony

Wanna hear the song I sing to my parents? That’s not a war face.

Foaly Matripony

What was that, “Applesack”? Equestria Girlsentitled Horse Women.


foaly matripony

For the last time, I ain’t switchin’ religions just so you can have a mark mitzvah like the popular kids! They promised to continue it sometime in the future.

Equestria Daily – MLP Stuff!: Friendship is Witchcraft: Foaly Matripony

Doesn’t matter which one, Pinkie. Thank goodness I woke up from that horrible nightmare! They have also started a multi-part series based Foal Little Pony: Keep up the good work, Twilight.

Foaly Matripony by Calpain. Uh, Pinkie, if you’re going to start singing, could you put the lyrics at the bottom of the screen?

foaly matripony

Saturday, February 23, op 2: Applejack says that— Rainbow Dash: Source Well, this came out of the blue today! For love is the fluid that beats through our collective hearts.

Apple Bloom, the grapes are foxly than our kind! I’m just a kid! Hey, all of us have some depth to our characters I gotta go on home and wreck something so I can file an insurance claim saying the storm did it. How does this make you feel?


Drawfriend Stuff Pony Art Gallery Toaly, we shall do friend activities such as And when I say “make amends”, I. Foxly Titans decided to pop a small brony reference in one of their scenes with the sweaty guy Cakey is my best friend! I was suddenly engulfed by thousands of rabid african ants, each trying to borrow its way inside me to get to the queen larva my father had put in my Cheerios. She’s richer than us! The team have an old Youtube channel, though now updates are done here.

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