ActiveSync clients, usage, and device data Outlook versions and activity Mailbox access and login Outlook anywhere activity and usage. Mailscape works alongside Managed Availability in a few different ways. Any of those can cause problems with client connectivity, and remote probes are what gives you the view from your remote sites that will help you to narrow in on network issues vs server-side issues. When I started working there the only way the database failovers were noticed was when they caused the nightly backup job to fail, because the backup software depended on a specific active database layout. A firewall issue, or a DNS issue, can easily cause mail flow to break even if your Exchange servers are completely healthy. The second approach is synthetic transactions. Secondly, most monitoring systems sacrifice depth of monitoring for breadth of coverage.

enow mailscape

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Instead of digging into PowerShell cmdlets and event logs, obvious problems like back pressure will be detected and alerted by Mailscape.

The speed of alerting raises an interesting point about how Mailscape fits into the Exchange world. At a minimum, the client endpoints for the applications could be added, followed by reporting e. Another report will show you the mailbox and send-on-behalf permissions, which is critical for migration planning. Internal monitoring is pretty straight mailecape.

enow mailscape

When I give conference talks about Exchange Server, there are two stories that I like to ennow. No product is perfect and we can always find things that need improving. With Mailscape there’s no need to collect the data and send it again. The Intune DNS records and endpoints for device enrolment is one such example.

Who Decides What to Monitor?


All in all, I consider Mailscape to be an excellent monitoring and reporting solution for Office cloud and hybrid customers. Knowing about failed backups is important, but one failed backup is often not a cause for alarm.

The users had email service with few incidents of significant impact. To collect that info, you deploy Mailscape monitoring agents to your on-premises infrastructure. Validate End User Experience.

Location awareness is great, but what about service-specific issues? Finally, Wnow also provides you with a view of the Managed Availability escalations for a server.

Exchange Monitoring and reporting

Any by clicking on the database alert, they can see the root cause of the alert is that the database is dismounted. Developed by Active Directory Architects who have real world experience managing and troubleshooting numerous enterprise environments, Compass is affordable, installs in minutes and will help you improve system uptime, simplify troubleshooting AD, identify and resolve DNS issues, and improve security. I also like the external mail flow test that Mailscape performs.

The monitoring capabilities of Mailscape provide a lot of value, but there is also a reporting feature included. Mailscape Reporting The monitoring capabilities of Mailscape provide a lot of value, but there is also a reporting feature included.

Mailscape – A Comprehensive Review

My custom PowerShell scripts have tens of thousands of downloads, and I regularly get feedback from Exchange admins letting me know about the problems that the scripts found in seemingly healthy DAGs. Among the Mailscape reports are all the popular reports such as mailbox sizes, mailboxes breaching quotas, Outlook versions, mobile device users, login times, and traffic stats.

enow mailscape

There are lots of moving parts to understand and plan for as part of the migration. There’s been huge, complex enterprise systems that can monitor anything from a Unix mainframe down to a temperature sensor in a datacenter. Mailscape also uses synthetic transactions to monitor less obvious, but equally important elements like the organization relationships and the use of oAuth that is crucial for hybrid environments to function.


In a mailacape of cases, the next backup runs successfully and the problem is resolved.

Mailscape Exchange Monitoring Tools: One-Look Mobile and Exchange Monitor solution

Mailscape at a Glance The first thing you notice about Mailscape is that the dashboard mailsape nothing like other monitoring systems. Many administrators are still uncomfortable with what Managed Availability is silently doing to their servers.

That is partly due to instant messaging and other chat services like Slack or Microsoft Teams growing in usage. A few moments later, Mailscape is showing msilscape alert in the main dashboard for client functionality. ActiveSync clients, usage, and device data Outlook versions and activity Mailbox access and login Outlook anywhere activity and usage.

Even if your Exchange servers are completely healthy, the Exchange service can be impacted if a lad balancer configuration error occurs, or a mistake is made with a Eow change. Visual approach to Exchange monitoring Single pane of glass for entire messaging environment Synthetic transactions for mail flow, replication and all core components Identify and isolate resolutions faster.

The preferred copy check would have been very useful in the environment I was working in where unexpected failovers were a daily occurrence. Storage usage and trending Mailbox size, growth, and trending Public folder last access report Largest and mailsfape mailboxes and public folders.