Intermediate 4 words Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, clever and rich. It is in Holland and the Germans have invaded. Advanced 6 words When two people have been going out together as long as Wendy and Roger, everyone expects that they’ll either get married or split up. But she’s about to show an entire town what one good woman can do. La Spiga Languages Level:

do zaliczenia lektor pl

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Moby-Dick – Herman Melville. Pre-Intermediate 3 words When Monica found out yhe importance of what she had hanging around her neck, she decided to use it for the best. Intermediate 4 words Michael is a successful lawyer with Drake and Sweeney when a homeless man attacks him. Pre-Intermediate 3 words How to be an Alien is the funniest book you will zailczenia about the English.

do zaliczenia lektor pl

Elementary 2 words When Uncas, the Mohican Indian, first saw the Englishwoman Cora, he immediately fell in love with her.

That Camden Summer Wyd. Detective Harry Millennium has a frightening job. Audio CD Level 2 Syg. Ladybird Edward dreams about animals.

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Give a presentation during class in that semester during which a presentation constitutes one of the conditions for the obtainment of a pass mark. When two people have been going out together lktor long as Wendy and Roger, everyone expects that they’ll either get married or split up.


do zaliczenia lektor pl

Les Miserables – Victor Hugo. Every semester taught on a university foreign language course is to end with a grade. Doubleday When mystery writer Molly Hunt drops off her latest manuscript, she walks into the most important mystery of her life.

Upper Intermediate 5 Alexander Dumas’ thrilling tale of one man’s struggle with his conscience takes us into 17th century France and examines the lives od people in power and those at their mercy. Oxford University Press Level: Beauty and the Beast.


The forms by which a pass is given may vary in different semesters and involve several of the below listed assessment tasks: Food for Thought – Pauline Francis.

The Blue Scarab – Jenny Dooley. Pre-Intermediate 3 words Mr. The students are obliged zaliczebia acquaint themselves with the description of the principles in force for teaching at the Jagiellonian Language Centre, the course programme and the description of the examination to be sat. Old Mali and the Boy – D. He has them at home, at school, and with his friends-Huck Finn and Joe Harper. zaliczejia


Advanced 6 words Nate O’Riley, a powerful lawyer, has serious personal problems. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin – Louis de Bernieres. Short Stories – Hemingway, Munro, Waugh. She lived for God and helped poor people in the streets of India. Intermediate 4 words An exciting story adapted from the traditional fairy tale.

Daddy – Danielle Stell.

All kinds of animals. Titanic – Paul Shipton. Advanced 6 words Clyde Baxter had rescued Janice when two men tried to mug her in the streets of Marrakesh. Heavy rain has turned the tracks into mud. Enfieldwere having their usual Sunday walk through London together.