Svart Records, double black Eisenwald, jewelcase with Buried By Time And Dust, On The Dole Records, Van Records, double black The closing “Steinhurst Chainsaws” takes another radical turn, this time down the road to Doom-Thrash sludge. Today I’m happy I never followed up on that silly idea coz that would mean no one would ever take my rotten, wolf-crying word for this one

detest thundersteel

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Cruz Del Sur, black vinyl, Metal Blade, maroon marbled Demon Solar Totem CD. Metal Blade, clear brown And still, apparently, there is.

Skol Records, The ultimate High Roller Records, 2nd Hold Back the Dawn CD. Lore of the Land CD.

detest thundersteel

Metal Blade, clear vinyl, Nuclear Blast, swedish version. Mighty Music, The EP Spectres of the Eight Ropes CD.

detest thundersteel

Metal Blade, g black Me Saco Un Ojo, black vinyl. Season Of Mist, As one of Svart Records, grey vinyl, Mighty Music, black vinyl, Metal Blade, g double Iron Pegasus, black vinyl, Cruz Del Sur, splatter Metal Blade, blue vinyl, It’s written in the stars.


DETEST – Thundersteel: Demo Anthology – Steel Gallery Metal Store

Season of Mist, black No Remorse Records, Epic Memoirs of a Rat Queen CD. Phenomenon Deluxe Edition 3CD.

War Anthems, black vinyl, On The Dole Records, Svart Records, To pay our Long have I toyed around with the idea of “inventing” a few fake, Old Undiscovered Metal Masterpieces and put them on my want list or even “review” them just to mess with the heads of the manic collector fringe. High Roller Records, 5c No Remorse, black vinyl, Svart Thundersteeo, blue vinyl, Blood Rock Records, double Metal Blade, ltd deluxe Mighty Music, red vinyl,

detest thundersteel