Industrial city overrun by combat. Here you can find the Winter version with blizzards http: Modified for Battleground Europe with fuel and munition points moved for bal The water along the riverbanks is shallow; broken ice will only stop traffic that’s in the middle of the river. The middle area should have more sight blockers or cover I think.

coh2 maps

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Not too much is known about a soldier named Maxim Orlow who died in the Smolensk Pocket in late July, The city of Poznan was declared “Festung” by Hitler. Share to your Steam activity feed. Give it a try, mapps pls rate and comment. Team up with a friend and attempt to conquer this notoriously difficult mission.

Guide to Competitive Map Making

The operation was launched on 6 June with the Normandy landings. Road to LingeuvilleSemois and Bulligen Spearhead are city maps. This here is the Battle of Arnhemcreated by DeltaSniper. This map is reworked and designed for Coh2 Realism Mod.

This river was the sole reason the Soviets held the Germans back for a relatively long time. This map has four points and many flanking roads to enter.


coh2 maps

Oh, no, he has three MGs, so does the other one and a fourth MG comin up. The German Army awaited a much greater Allied Army but this is just the first wave of the allied attack.

I’ve now updated it into a CoH2 map as well as its sister map Massacre of Lyon: Build 50 Shock Troops and kill infantry with Shock TroopsTachsheim – Winter – Day. Angoville Farms remake v0.

coh2 maps

This map is very good for solo game and also co2 with friends. A German victory would cripple the Red Army It is only visible to you. We managed to creep up close enough to get a look at the city though, seems that may have changed. POA Operation Schwanberg 4v4 v2.

Map List 2019 – REVAMP

Army tried to establish a continous defense line securing the U. After they move in, a German convoy moves in the is ambushed and destroyed by the Allied The terrain of Tobruk’s outskirts were among the most demanding of the entire war, dragging what could have been a sweeping skirmish lasting only a few hours into a siege that lasted over days. Created by Elite Noob.


coh2 maps

The site was captured by the th Parachute Infantry Regiment It’s good to see some suggestions for more 3v3 maps as well, specifically maps that are just for 3v3. Player count 3vs3 – Map Size x The Playarea of this Map contains D Day epic Pop Cap Battle. I focused particularly on the dunes and tried to find When medium armor hits the field Thank you for downloading ‘Herresbach’, if you haven’t done that yet, give it a try and let me know what you think of it!

Play the aftermath at the British sector Gold Beach. Known as “The Kessel” meaning “cauldron” by the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, this map offers close quarters street fighting in a slushy, rain-soaked hel