To do this you must use a card reader. Dear Roland, Not at the moment, but we have some plans for this. It is 2 am though, so maybe I’ll understand it better tomorrow. I tried to bend the thing again. Now after following all the above directions, when I get to the CHDK button and point to the file, it won’t even install the zip.

chdk sx10is

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I don’t know if this fix will stay. It turns on in normal mode. The lock detect is just a mechanical switch engaged by the plastic tab on the card, so as waterwingz says the worst outcome is likely that the lock detect would stop working permanently.

Hack Your Canon PowerShot to Add Superpowers

chdl And so this way there is no Firm Update menu. My Firmware version is 1. With the Method 2 under the cameras prior toI get up to the point where the CHDK is installed on the card and I go to the step “firmware update” and then the steps of chdj card bootable” son’t seem to save the changes not make card bootable.


I haven’t given up on getting these larger cards to work, It just gets to the point of no more fun.

chdk sx10is

However, bear in mind that applying an earlier build might not always be possible. As a result, it always shows the card as not locked regardless of the position of the slider? See my post above. After eighteen months of pretty intensive use around 17, pictures to dateIs it just not working? If everything went right the CHDK splash screen will blink.

Thanks by uboru 60 months ago. I also tried a 1gb card, and it wouldn’t work either, but they both work fine on my brothers.

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Place the write protected card back in camera and turn on. Last comments Dear Sir: S please please please! I am very excited about it, will be using CHDK on my sx10 is, thanlks chkd for the knowledge sharing ages ago permalink Active on: Please take a look at chdk. Skip to main content.

Flickr: Discussing CHDK Now Supports The Canon SX10 IS in Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Now after following all the above directions, when I get to the CHDK sx10ls and point to the file, it won’t even install the zip. Can you guys just turn on the camera with the power button and have it boot the chdk?


chdk sx10is

In this case, ‘boot’ really does mean bootstrap start up, not just ‘run the program’. I’m using a 4gb and an 8gb SDHC and both are on autoload. Open the link below. I just formatted another card fat 16, this time a 4 gig sdhc card the instructions say you can use a card up to 4 gig using card tricks. I have downloaded, extracted and written it to my memory card. Can someone please tell me if there is something else I can try with this.

If you manage to get it working again by bending like you did before, never take the card out again. What is the purpose of locking the card. Remove the card from the card reader. Foveon is supported in RawDigger 1.

Hi Just about to get an SX10 and was wondering if you can actually fit filter Rich ages ago permalink danedude says: