Phantom Bat , R. I also enjoy the electronic accompaniment as it provides an intriguing mix between more modern touches and more classic touches. No–it’s a spin-off and quite frankly, what Castlevania Judgment should have been: However, there is some success when it comes to the originals. Look Up, at the Darkness. Added Nov 9,

castlevania harmony of despair ost

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Blood Relations of Heaven and Earth. User Name Remember Password. Official Soundtrack Game Credits: Originally an Xbox exclusive, Despair is ported over to the the Playstation 3, available only for download on the Playstation Network.

LC | Akumajo Dracula: Harmony of Despair Original Soundtrack – VGMdb

There is definitely an Asian tone about it, due to the classic Japanese instrumentation used in the accompaniment. Sharp White Fighting Spirit.

castlevania harmony of despair ost

I love when Konami messes with soundtrack names and not only those just for pure fun. Even if you think it’s ugly. Order of the Demon.

castlevania harmony of despair ost

Don’t Wait Until Night. The night is still young The originals, composed and arranged by Yasuhiro Ichihashi and Tomoaki Hirono, are of mixed success.

There are definitely those who will enjoy it though. Tanz mit einem Clown.

It definitely captures the Castlevania atmosphere quite well and definitely has some J-rock influences. While it’s fairly straightforward, I do enjoy the small elaborations in some of the electric guitar work and of course, the sinister keyboard work is also welcome.


Unfortunately, “Nothing to Lose” is an orchestral rock remix that is powerful, but ultimately unexciting. January 13, Purchase: Submitted on Jan 29, In the end, if you’ve played the game and really enjoy the music, or are a hardcore fan of the Castlevania series, you might end up liking this album, but as a stand-alone listen, it’s a bit lacking. Another handheld game, Portrait of Ruin, is also prominently featured.

Dance with the Clown.

Harmony of Despair OST – CRIMSON BLOOD playlists

The ‘tsu’ hiragana is used to double the length of the following consonant when it is written smaller than normal. Unfortunately, “Dance of Illusions” attempts to sound very powerful, but I think the heavy percussion makes the remix sound muddled at times, as if the drums are competing with the other instruments.

Getsu Fuhma” is an orchestral rock remix with a pretty strong electric guitar melody.

castlevania harmony of despair ost

Soundtrack Cover and CD. It’s, as expected, a rock remix, but given the length, it really has a chance to develop. Meanwhile the take on “Heart of Fire,” also from that title, is much more intriguing, with its orchestral rock tones, big brass sounds, and powerful guitar riffs.


Opening with choral tones, harpsichord, and violin, it moves into a guitar riff heavy remix with some slick keyboard work in the accompaniment and a great violin lead. So Ryuukokki is a mistranslation.

Konami Digital Entertainment Catalog No.: The game can be enjoyed on normal and hard difficulties, as chosen by the host, plus you can converse with friends using voice chat, and compare your progress via leaderboards. Forgotten One Legendary Hunter Posts: The retro vibe still manages to stay alive, mainly due to the keyboard work, but I think by making it somewhat rock focused, a bit of the charm of the original is lost, particularly when it comes to the jazzy piano of the original which really gets lost in the power of the rock riffs.

Soundtrack and Credits Soundtrack: I love the focus on the sinister organ work combined with orchestra and rock drums.