To avoid interference, don’t place the Wemo NetCam close to your router or you can change the channel of your Wi-Fi on your router to reduce intermittent connection. Press the Record icon to start recording. Why can’t I see my video feed after power cycling my Wemo NetCam? Continue to Belkin NetCam. If you wish to use a new username you have to create a new account. Updating your Wemo NetCam’s firmware may be required especially if you are having issues with the current firmware version of the device. Why can’t I see my Wemo NetCam in the mobile app?

belkin netcam app

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Wemo® NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision, F7D7601 Frequently Asked Questions

To view your Wemo Netcam, open https: Have an older NetCam installed at the front door Simply download the free app nftcam your iPhone or Nercam still haven’t fixed any issues since I first posted back in September, and it seems to have gotten worse. Once connected, you can move or reposition your Wemo NetCam as you see fit. Once set, the username cannot be changed. Continue to Belkin NetCam. How do I connect my Wemo NetCam to a new wireless network? To use the Wemo NetCam screen: If you want to connect your Wemo NetCam to a new network, you’ll need to run the setup process again: How do I access the Wemo NetCam via a web browser?


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If you can’t see your Wemo NetCam in the App, make sure that it is properly setup. So, we made a couple improvements to fix this glaring issue. There is an option to view from the browsers. Netcam Studio Server is available as a free version for up to 2 video sources at Saved videos can be downloaded from the NetCam Web Portal.

belkin netcam app

These are the error codes aop to the issue you encounter with your Wemo Netcam. What are the minimum system requirements to use the Wemo NetCam?

What should I do if the Wemo NetCam only shows still images? I’m sorry you wasted your money buying this camera if you can return it, do!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Unscrew the camera post from the base and remove the weight.

belkin netcam app

To set up your Wemo NetCam, select your device below: When set to automatic, the IR lights will turn ON when luminance decreases to about 3 lux and turn OFF when luminance increases to about 8 lux. How do I set up my Wemo NetCam? Does Wemo NetCam accept special characters?


If you’ve set up motion detection alerts but aren’t receiving them, check your spam inbox. What are the different Wemo NetCam icons and their meaning? Why am I not receiving motion detection alerts from my Wemo NetCam? Find another that will function without issue.

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What are the error codes from the Wemo Netcam? Tap the Microphone icon to enable it.

If you have multiple NetCams, make sure that they are associated to the same account. Just make sure to name each camera uniquely. How do I retrieve belkij password for the Wemo NetCam? Align the base with the plate and screw on the camera post.