Retrieved 20 February Toyin Abraham topic Toyin Abraham[1] born Olutoyin Aimakhu; September 5, is a Nigerian film actress, filmmaker, director and producer. This automatically places it ahead of the United States. On arrival at her Aderopo’s palatial and tastefully furnished house, she was very happy that at least she is not suffering for nothing even though she cannot confide in anybody. It must be noted that these social distractions, whether natural or human, are not beyond human re-ordering and reconstruction. Retrieved June Folders related to Toyin Adegbola:


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He writes for both National and International journals.

Man is insatiable in nature and is considered to be a complex being. Conclusion This paper hereby submits that even though the film Aitale is symptomatic, it fails to explicitly explore and bring to ayitake fore the direct interpretation of the title upon which the thrust of the film lies. In other words, one must have been well informed about the state of his environment, his own unsalutary condition and the desirability of adapting himself to change.

Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved June 19, Certain morals could be discerned in the film, which includes having great regard for one’s parent irrespective of their condition or status. She agreed as long as she is cured and relieved of the agonising pain that she was going through and was not even appreciated by her son on whose behalf she made the sacrifice.

Having regained consciousness, Abeni couldn’t hold him any longer and from exhaustion, she fell off the mountain. While Ewenla and Abeni took Aderopo inside his consultation room for treatment, Aderopo slumped and became unconscious.


Ayitale – Wikidata

Retrieved July 30, It should be noted that while one is in search of an implicit meaning, one should not leave behind the particular and concrete feature of a film.

He has three children from the first marriage.

However, societies, as viewed by social scientists, are not predictable or so simply defined in relations to social existence. Morality in the strictest sense is universal to human culture.

What is “ayitale”

This paper hereby submits that even though the film Ayitale is symptomatic, it fails to explicitly explore and bring to the fore the direct interpretation of the title upon which the thrust of the film lies.

In other words, the media should be explored functionally to respond to human problems desirous Change. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Bordwell, D and Kristin, T. On getting to the village, she headed for the herbalist’s house and informed him that she wanted the hunch removed from her back and does not care about the consequences. She held on to him and in that instant, Aderopo regained consciousness in the Ewenla’s house and the hunch on his back miraculously disappeared. She also has two grandchildren.


In essence, the stress of functional humanism is on the development of human resources populating the social universe. Conscious efforts towards or what Bennis, Benne and Chin call ‘planned change’ ayihale the propositions of functional humanism.

Armoire is said to be the soul behind the emergence of Yoruba home video. Lanre Hassan topic Lanre Adesina Hassan born October 3,popularly called Iya Awero is a Nigerian film actress, who features majorly in the Yoruba-language cinema of Nollywood, although she features in English-language productions as well. He also w Folders related to Femi Adebayo: Involvement of the Yoruba travelling theatre practitioners in motion picture production was perhaps the most auspicious single factors in the evolution of an indigenous cinema in Nigeria.


This is unless one considers the negativity of the change witnessed in the film as accepted, which in itself goes against the functional ayiyale theory whose overriding agitale is predicated on human development.


In the USA, viewers can watch Nollywood and other West African movies on afrotainment online as streaming is gradually ayittale part of the distribution system with sites like Iroko TV and all African cinema showing Nollywood video content. Ola Balogun’s box office hit Ajani Ogunwhich opened the flood gates, gave the much needed impetus to local film production and led to a new career for travelling theatre troupes.


While one is not insisting that she dies, logical reasoning and sound moral judgement should have prevailed that she dies because if the objective of making the home video is to correct societal ills, then, Abeni surviving the ordeal nullifies ayotale intention as it proved that one can engage in immoralities, suffer and at the end of the day live to enjoy the crime committed – no matter how grievous.

They conceived of video simply as the cheapest possible way of producing audio-visual material for projection to an audience. Produced by Adebayo Salami and directed by Bayo Tijani, the film Ayitale opens with the annual water festival of the village.

One wonders why Abeni who chooses to be like ayitale should be spared of her life at the end of the day.