When this project is a success, you’ll most likely will have a load of PHP scripting on your hands in a separate project. If its on a radius or Authpuppy server or something els than it also have to be possible to make different pages with logon for different locations with different logo and commercials. Enter your password below to link accounts: Make sure that Apache or your http server has write access to the whole directory whilst we build it. December 12, in Technology Tags: The email address is already associated with a Freelancer account.


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So now we fire up an internet browser and go to your AuthPuppy server. Cut the complete project in 3 or 4 stages with a price per stage. Have you problem printer in error state?

We will create a separate form just for the wifi-login where the guest has to only fill in name and email address. Notify me of new comments via email. August 19, at aithpuppy Looking to make some money? So this is the final step. Meaning users are prompted with a message, but are not restricted access by user account. You may choose any hardware.


Social Wifi configuring radius server or Authpuppy

This is a wifidog. This install needs a web server with php and mysql. Recommended from our users: So i think if I’ve got a modulation for Authpuppy or a script on a radius server its also good than i can use a router with DD-WRT or another environment.


Ideally you want to run it on its own virtualhost AuthPuppy have instructions for the virtualhost config here. Could you please write some more articles about auth-puppy? For this we need to install a couple of plugins. March 15, at 2: Now its time to move onto Authentication. Make sure that Apache or your http server has write access to the whole directory whilst we build it.

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AuthPuppy Authentication Server

Freelancer Jobs Facebook Marketing Social Wifi configuring radius server or Authpuppy Hi i cant find applications on the internet i can use in my own environment. Right now the AuthPuppy server is set up in a Splash Screen only mode. Latest Questions Forex fury review How to solve Garmin map update server error? Notify me of new posts via email. Get paid for your work. I will share the configurations I used at a later date.


AuthPuppy On OpenWRT with Lighttpd – Academicodition

Thanks for writing it. September 10, at 2: Programering Home Questions Articles Ask a question.

We want to provide free WIFI access for guests in exchange for an email address or ‘like’ on the restaurant’s facebook page. The only details we really need to change here are the e-mail address and name. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


In this way we both can evaluate the project and continue when all things work out as they should. Now when you go back to Manage Plugins, there is a link on both these plugins saying a Database Upgrade is needed, so run that upgrade, then hit the tick box authpuppyy enable them. It asks really basic and rather boring questions. I need authpuuppy application i can run on a router, but i find out on the internet that most of these applications work with an external server radius server Authpuppy etc.