MINT needed a new partner. Atari got wind of this, as they had flirted with UNIX occasionally in the past the TT was meant to have its own version , they hired Eric and worked with him to develop Now drag and hold the selected files over a folder within the newly opened directory window. The second is that there remains a few inconsistencies between the manual and resource files. Getting started Installation is handled by GEM Setup – a great piece of software in its own right – which means that once the registration process has been completed name, company and serial number , all you need do is sit back and relax.

atari jinnee

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Matthew Bacon test drives the latest release of the all-singing, all-dancing replacement desktop A desktop is a desktop, right?

SMS2 was based on a similar principle and came on a hardware card that plugged jinnde the cartridge port. No matter what happened with your software, you could have a warm cosy feeling knowing that, as long as the hardware was working, so would your operating system.

Putting the operating system on ROM, meant it became virtually bullet proof to the disk corruption that would plague Mac, PC and Amiga jjinnee systems. Atari by this point had lost interest and were focusing on the Jaguar console. I found it extremely easy to navigate and intuitive to use thanks to its logically designed interface.


If these features are unfamiliar, allow me to elaborate. A patch was issued, but this was one bug also along with the serial port bugs that survived on right into the Jinnef era.


Let’s start at the beginning MINT needed a new partner. The latter versions of Geneva added support for Mint the survivor of MultiTOSahari allowed full pre-emptive multitasking if you wanted it. TOS 2 was released at approximately the same time frame as TOS 3 and they are both based on the same code. Thing has recently been released as open source, and looks like it will return to the top of the desktop pile.

It was however still flawed in some respects.

Well, imagine you want to move or copy some files from one directory to another. MyAES on the other hand isn’t open source, but the interface is much more appealing. These are discussed, along with their suitability for various hardware in this guide. Hold on, what happened to TOS 2?

atari jinnee

Wrongnot all desktops are created equal. When the ST aari originally conceived, the concept of a graphical user interface GUI was still quite revolutionary and was important to its initial success.

atari jinnee

This is because it has jinnes been within the last few months that any scripting tools have been widely available in English anyway.

Finally, release the mouse button to complete the operation. Namely the PC and the Mac. We will cover these in a future tutorial. I dream of jinnee.

Disk access to both hard drives and floppies were still slow. Operating Systems on the Atari ST and compatibles. Alternatively, you can get stuck in and customise the installation preferences and select which parts of jinnee should be installed useful if you already have BubbleGEM installed for instance. Specifically it is developed in tandom with Mint, so compatibility is at its highest. But where most Atari desktops run out of puff, jinnee is merely warming up ;- For example, jinnee also includes; spring folders, a hierarchical folder display as well as Kobold and GEMScript support.


The most notable early pioneers were Neodesk N-AmericaGemini Germany and Kaosdesk Germanythe former and latter of which would go onto big things. The ST truly was a Jack Tramiel?

Software: Atari

Both were very powerful for the time but both operating systems ultimately failed due to lack of software support. No hard disk had been developed for the ST qtari the time of its release, and consequently its reliability with hard drives is not great. All other copyrights belong to their respective owners and are represented here for preservation and illustrative purposes.

atari jinnee

Technically the ST put the Mac to shame, running faster, having higher resolutions and having a better monitor.