Installation and usage instructions. Then these times and dates can be specified at this field. The voyage event manager ne for Joomla. This is an optional feature for events, where tickets must be mapped to a specific seat. You can create as many sections as you need, and assign seats into these sections. The price is calculated only from order items, where you user are the seller and it means that you have received the money for the tickets. No matching product was found under your user account.

artio vm e tickets

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Si you so much Voyage.

TileView is Joomla plugin and enables to create your homepage or navigation arfio in the tiles design. All using just web browser on desktop PC or mobile device.

Ticket validity is checked automatically based on an event you are checking, date and time, as well as whether it has been already used or not. These can be optionally limited by capacity e.

This way, you can easily create layouts for different hall sizes of rectangular shape. Vik Pas we are using recently but Vik Pas is using from I xx this to arrondissement tickets for xx tours on the pas. Table of Contents 4.


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Until there is documentation I would plan on spending a day or two figuring this out. I would stay away from this company. Then, based on the outcome of the claim, the order gets re-enabled or refunded.

artio vm e tickets

Each ticket itckets an owner. This is optional and applies only to objects that have limited seating capacity and where a ticket must be assigned a seat. This includes installation or setup problems. Seats sections are used for defining seat groups with different prices. This plugin needs significant reworking before it is ready for prime time.

artio vm e tickets

Hello, we partially acknowledge some of your comments and are already working on a new release, that will be VM independent and thus much easier to both administer and implement. Features ARTIO FB Hickets include possibility to choose positions of button in front of or behind the contentchanging language code and customer can select 1 from 6 types of buttons The default dialogue only artoo two parameters: The guidance notes are just that, notes. I am not sure how Virtuemart would amigo unless you have a s or physical product.

Particular links articles or menu items are displayed in the form of tiles Installation package contains automatic installation script, which will modify VirtueMart configuration, copy all files and create new database tables.


ARTIO VM e-Tickets

I also created a post in their support forum but no reply at all. Posted on 24 August Posted on 09 June It also allows to design own PDF ticket appearance.

This form xrtio redundant to VirtueMart product detail in administration. Installation and usage instructions. The template created here is used for generation of the PDF tickets. You can also use VmeTicketBrowsePage for your ticket category.

ARTIO VM e-Tickets, by ARTIO – Joomla Extension Directory

I have been trying to get support for this tic,ets from last 2 months. You can use basic dialogue created using HTML, or custom-made Flash dialogues that allow nicer design and advanced user interactivity. Please, purchase the product or post to another community forums. However, for correct functionality, you need to assign the ticket-type products into different VirtueMart category that the other products if you have any.

Critical fields are labelled and default values expressed in a Balkan language Bosnian?