Ammyy Admin – is a free remote desktop sharing and PC remote control software that can be used for remote administration, remote office arrangement, remote support or distant education purposes. Upon accepting, the other client will open a window displaying your desktop with direct control over it. Visual Basic Express There is more than that of course. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Your review for Ammyy Admin -.


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So useful in office and anladmin area reviewed onMarch 18, Free, secure, easy to use. Not so with Ammyy Admin There is a plethora of programs that allow remote control of computers.

Remote Desktop Software and Remote Desktop Connection

It can be used for remote administration, remote office arrangement, or remote support. Why is Ammyy Admin so special?

For me, apps like this can make or break my ability help friends and family as well as do my job. Easy to install remote control apps do not scam people!

Ammyy Admin – Free Remote Desktop Sharing and Remote Control software – download.

Read the editor’s review. The developer estimates the connection process is around 20 seconds from the moment you download Ammyy Admin to the moment of the first remote session launch. The remote desktop is available within a few seconds after the app has been started.


Ammyy Admin Remote computer access without complications. Visual Basic Express Ammyy Aniadmon is reliable, trustworthy and affordable.

The biggest thing anoadmin, is that the app doesn’t require any installation in order to be used. Beta and Old versions Ammyy Admin 3. As long as your client is “waiting for session” you have not stopped it. Often with screen sharing apps, there is a lengthy installation and setup process. It distributes software, provides real-time on-line help to end users, creates detailed software and You can work with remote PCs as if you’re sitting right in front of them.

Ammyy Admin Free Download

Yet people who do not have the slightest idea about the computer world and are too good willed to be suspicious often fall into the net pun intended. It also has built in voice chat and a file manager that will allow you to grab files and talk to friends and family as you try aniad,in give them a hand.

This makes it appropriate for business dealings, connecting aniadmni clients offsite or remote connections to your office. Ammyy Admin is a simple but powerful and effective way to make remote connections. There is also a password option. Power MP3 Cutter Joiner 1.



If you’re looking for aniadin lightweight, fast and easy way to share your desktop with another user, then Ammyy Admin is a very good solution. Use it free of charge for non-commercial goals. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info?


The thing is, Ammyy Admin is perfectly fine in terms of security if used properly. This makes it very portable. Features No installation required System Service aiadmin you may maintain control even after restart AES and RSA encryption – data cannot be intercepted Voice chat – you can maintain a voice connection with the host computer File Manager – access files in a dedicated window Pros No installation required User friendliness Quality can be adjusted for better performance Cons Aniaxmin unless you are willingly letting strangers control your computer!


The control window also has some options. Download and installation help. For that, you need Ammyy Admin.