Old Lines Original Mix!!! Love them all, both the remix and original of Universal Stones are my favourite. Tags electronic afm arnold from mumbai dark minimal techno india minimal techno mumba progressive tech house techno Berlin. Adapter original is the one for me. We liked the Universal Stones Ep very much, it’s very good pounding techno!

andrea bertolini soundcloud

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Deriving inspiration across all genres, Arnolds versatility is his forte that emerges through his adventurous musical creations.

andrea bertolini soundcloud

Really good one, will play for sure Send me your track. Really cool groovy ep! Soundclouf nearly 10 years later, Jesse Perez has made some of the most interesting, feet moving music in his time. Massive pack here really like all the tracks. Claro is my pick Mikael Jonasson: One of the first downtown LA raves I went to years ago had Junior on the bill.

Will play these for sure. Click the post for details on this episode! Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.


Some top-notch tunes right there!

andrea bertolini soundcloud

Episode November 4th, You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Love them all, both the remix and original of Universal Stones are my favourite. Old Lines spinge bene! Evidently Jesse is well berfolini his way to becoming a shinning star in this exciting and evolving world of electronic music.

We would like to listen new original stuff.

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Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. Very cool stuff, will try for sure! Puppet Dubplate by Rufus Mule. Good Work as always! Great Release Full support!

We loved the rough basslines and the smooth influences from Detroit! Piatto’s remix is real nice.

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Stay In The Groove. He is supported by remixes from Breger, Ash Roy and Calm Chor all of whom have delivered stunning prime time dance floor remixes.


True old school vibe. Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks. Very solid techno sound, will support! Our second DJ today is a friend of mine from back in the way back! NoizyKnobs – Wndrea is for me, support! Monica Alamo Aka Mon: Adapter original is the one for me. Your email address will not be published.

Airbas – Afterhours (Andrea Bertolini Remix) by Andrea Bertolini | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Their music displays a clear connection to the Detroit Techno scene, combining acid bass lines, melodic textures and pumping beats. A place where underground clubs live in the shadows of car factories and eighteenth century buildings. Universal Stones Original Mix