Refresh and try again. Plus the best character in the last few books — Milo Weaver– barely appears in the text. One thing that was especially interesting in this book was how much we get to see from the Chinese perspective. Liberation Movements The Istanbul Variations in the UK , was listed for four best-of lists and was nominated for an Edgar Award for best novel of the year. My overall review is that it was a good book that involved all I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway. It is very complicated and convoluted.

an american spy olen steinhauer

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The book takes a while to get going as Steinhauer spt the first 80 pages of the novel to telling the story from the point of view steinhaure the Chinese characters who all have similar sounding names which does make it somewhat confusing.

Lots of twists and turn many of which I did not anticipate. Some only enter only briefly in the beginning and then reappear so much later you forget who they are.

Milo doesn’t make an appearance until later. Worse still, it’s beginning to look as if Tourism’s enemies are gearing up for a final, fatal blow. Books by Olen Steinhauer. In addition, his ability to create characters with genuine emotions and conflicts, coupled with an insightful and often poetic writing style, set him apart in the world of espionage fiction. Milo thinks he’s out of the spy business, but you’re never really out. Aug 20, Dianne rated it liked it Shelves: Woods, Special to the Los Angeles Times.

There is an ending, but then what is essentially an epilogue that catches the reader up with the other characters and tells you why things happened the way that they did. The novel I don’t know why I waited so long to read this since I loved the first two books but I was not disappointed.


Olen Steinhauer

The American Spy picks up directly after the previous book leaves off dealing with the aftermath of the destruction of the Tourism department.

This was tough for me because I think I see what Steinhauer’s trying to do–there’s a bit of a Rashomonic approach amrican unwrapping the story, and I appreciate that more once I finish the novel than I did while reading it–but I’m not sure that this one stands up to The Tourist maybe the best spy novel I olne ever read or the Neasrest Exit.

I was invited to read and review the first three books in the Milo Weaver series by Minotaur Books! He has Milo shot by the grieving father of the killed teenage girl at the end of the last book and this is where An American Spy starts. But once Milo enters the story the plot moves forward quickly and leads to what I at least found to be a pretty satisfying ending that could serve as both the ending to this series or a springboard into the next chapter of Milo’s reluctant adventures.

This is spyy best series of any modern spy novels that I have read. I was disappointed that he isn’t as I gave this book four stars based amerian the strength of the series as a whole, but I actually thought this one was the weakest.

I typically do not have issues with authors trying to tell a story from different perspectives, but this story got way too convoluted, and that’s saying something, in a genre known for convolutions. Refresh and try again. I think Steinhauer manages the balance nicely here.


I really enjoyed it.

Olen Steinhauer – Wikipedia

He also spent a year in Romania on a Fulbright grant, an experience that helped inspire his first five books. Steinhauer continues to ameeican both the mechanics of spy craft and the moral tension inherent in the trade using Milo Weaver as his lens.

Each book also focuses on a different main character. Nov 18, Shonna Froebel rated it it was amazing.

Book review: Olen Steinhauer’s ‘An American Spy’

I never figured out if the hero was brilliant or befuddled, but I settled on not worrying about it because I’d succumbed to being befuddled myself and totally enjoyed it. Milo Weaver – Book 3 Psy Feb 01, Dan rated it really liked it. It had been 8 weeks since he had been shot in the gut and he was recovered enough to look for work.

an american spy olen steinhauer

It was the first time I yawned in a Steinhauer novel! I do like the way the author personalizes the characters, at least the main ones, making them seem like real people instead of just chess pieces in the spy game.

an american spy olen steinhauer

With the first two books in wteinhauer series, “The Tourist” and “Nearest Exit”, Milo Weaver brilliantly takes center stage as a CIA agent who works for a secret sub-division known as the Department of Tourism. He is good at handling his assignments even if it is an an unorthodox fashion. I don’t want to give away any other plot elements.